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Friday, 16 January 2015

Vegan Snacks & Treats

Vegan treats
Vegan, Dairy-free, Wheat-free, egg-free, Gluten, Guilt free!
Before i get started i want to tell you what i can and can't eat.
I am Vegan so i don't believe in eating eggs, milk or any foods that include animal ingredients. I also have some intolerance's- Gluten, wheat, and  high amounts of Fructose *which is a pain as i have a sweet tooth*
I tend to eat as healthy as i can now, but will occasionally have dairy-free chocolate & ice-cream or  Soy coffees, just so I'm not fully missing out :)

I searched high and low in a few different stores yesterday on a shopping hunt to find myself some other tasty snacks and treats.  
The shop that really stood out to me and is my favourite for food, beauty and health products is Holland and Barrett. I have just written a Blog post on Holland and Barretts beauty products so if you would like to read it, 
here is the link :) --->   

As i said in it, Holland and Barrett is a Health food shop with a lot of variety for people with dietey needs or or for generally keeping healthy. They have a great selection of different brands of snacks.
These are what i picked up.. :)

No.1- Choices Dairy-free Caramel Chocolate.

 Oh My Goodness guys, i can't even tell you how delicious these are! If you have ever tried the purple quality streets they are identical in texture and taste! I had a box of these given to me for christmas, and have already re-purchased 2 boxes, 1 for easter and 1 for my birthday ( lame i know) :P

These chocolates are Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy, Gluten, Egg and Wheat FREE! They are made from Cocoa beans, sugar and Non-Dairy Ingredients.
 You get 12 delicately wrapped chocolates in a box. These are a yummy alternative to Milk Chocolate! Even if i wasn't Vegan and didn't have my intolerances, i would still buy these. They retail at around £3.60.
If you would like, you can check these out and order online
Here is the like--->

I would defiantly recommend these to anybody! They are too delightful to  pass!

No.2- Booja- Booja Stem Ginger Truffels! 
These are a new find. I picked these up as i am a fan of Booja-Booja's Hunky Punky chocolate ice-cream. 
These 'Award Winning' Truffles are really tasty and Hand- made! What i like most about them is that they melt in the mouth, releasing a lovely ginger taste!If you like ginger, you will love these! You get 9 Truffles in a box:) These are Vegan friendly, Gluten, Dairy, Soya free and their also made from Organic ingredients! 
There are 5 different flavour Truffles you can pick up-
-Stem Ginger Chocolate
-Rum Sozzled Sultana
-Hazletnut Chocolate
-Banoffee Toffee Chocolate
-Around Midnight Espresso Chocolate
All of these sound super heavenly! 
These retail at £7.99, quite pricey but they are extremely special and tasty!

If you are interested in these, here is where you can find them on the Web :)

No.3- Plamil Chocolate bars 
I haven't tried these bars before but thought i'd pick one up to try.. i couldn't resist! These are no added sugar, Dairy-free, Nut-free and Gluten-free Chocolate.
These chocolate bars come in 3 of different flavours-
-Original Chocolate

They are perfect for those trying to cut down on their sugar intake but still want to enjoy a bit of chocolate, guilt-free.
These bars are a great alternative to milk chocolate. I also think these chocolate bars would be great for baking! I would melt a bar in a heated bowl, add in some honey and stir in a good load of rice crispies!
These retail at £1.15. I am super exited to try these, as they look scrumptious.

You can find them on Holland and Barretts website, listed below-

No.4- Barkat Pretzels
Last of all PRETZELS!
I had to throw these in as i am a Pret-o holic! I love Pretzels! I missed out on them all over the festive season as i didn't know you could get Vegan and Wheat free ones!
I found these and picked up...a few bags :P
These pretzels are really salty and crunchy. They taste just like normal pretzels. I can't tell the difference.
These are Free from Gluten, Wheat, Egg Artificial colours and flavours.
I also found similar Pretzels in ASDA in the FreeFrom section called DS Gluten-free Pretzels.It doesn't state that they are Vegan, but looking at the ingredients on the packet I'm sure they would be. Now i don't have to travel far to grab a bag :D
These retail at £1.39 per bag.
Not much to say on these, expect buy and try for yourself if you like Pretzels, as you won't be disappointed!

 If you are interested in these, here is where you can find them on the Web :)

Please comment if you have any questions , ill be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)
Make sure to follow me so you dont miss out on my latest yummy posts,beauty ideas and recipies!

Holly Jade

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  1. I am a vegan too and proud to be. Currently I am looking for organic raw snack packs in Australia. If you have any suggestion then please let me know.


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