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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Vegan at Chiquito Restaurant Bar & Mexican Grill

What is Chiquito?
Chiquito is a Restaurant Bar & Mexican Grill serving up some delicious Foods and Drinks. The moment you walk through the Door, you can expect a Kick of Flavours,warm Welcome and a lively Atmosphere. Take a look around, you will see wonderful, authentic, features that capture the Tex-Mex vibe!
Chiquito is passionate about Food and your Dining Experience! They have become one of the UK's most loved Mexican Restaurant in the Country. 

Chiquito isn't a Vegan Restaurant, but they offer Vegan dishes as well as catering for Intolerance's & Allergies!

On Chiquitos Website they make it very easy to find the Foods that suit your Diet. They have Allergy advice Menus from Lunch to Dinner to Desserts, there is something for everyone at Chiquitos.

I really like the way Chiquitos have used Colour coding and symbols on their website which really help visually to make it easier to see the Foods that suit your Diet!

Below, i have gone through their Website listing all of the Meals and Drinks Suitable for Vegans! I really hope this helps you find a new and exciting Restaurant to enjoy! 

Breakfast Menu for Vegan-

-Fruit Salad
-Toast Malted
-White Toast
-Hash browns
-Baked Beans 

Starter Menu for Vegan-


-Skin on Fries
-Sweet Potato Fries
-Mexican Spiced Rice
-Corn on the Cob
-Lime & Chilli Broccoli
-Roasted Vegetables

Kids & Young Adults Menu Suitable for Vegan-

-Veggies ( A mix of Broccoli, Sweetcorn & Potato Slices)
-Salad ( Mix of Shredded Carrot, Tomato, Lettuce & Cucumber)
-Baked Beans ( in Tomato Sauce)

Desserts for Kids & Young Adults Suitable for Vegan-

Fruit Sald and Ice-cream ( Pineapple, melon, orange and strawberries all muddled together and served with your favourite flavour ice cream. Choose from vanilla, chocolate or strawberry )

Chiquitos also have a Gluten Intolerance Menu, which i have linked to it below :)

Young Adult Drinks Suitalbe for Vegan- (p.s these sound a bundle of fun!!!!!)
-Abracadabra (Mix your own drink with Apple & Mango J2O and Blue syrup. Watch as your drink changes colour! )
-Rainbows & Dreams  ( A treat for the senses, layers of flavour with Cranberry Juice, Orange juice and Blue syrup )
-Strawberry Sensation ( A yummy mix of Strawberry Puree and Lemonade)

Chiquitos has an outstanding range of Adults Drinks, Suitable for Vegan-
-Yucatan Breeze
-Homemade Lemonaid
-Mock-Jito Lemonaid
-Mock-Jito Ginger Beer
-Citrus punch
-Virgin Colada
-Strawberry & Raspberry Agua Fresca
-Passionfriut & Mango Agua Fresca
-Rum Punch
-Berry Sling
-Lifes a Peach
-Dark 'n' Stormy
-Wildberry Caipiroska
-Spiced Ginger Mojito
-Classic Mojito
-Passionfriut Mojito
-Strawberry Mojito
-Original Daiquiri
-Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
-Frozen Raspberry Daiquiri
-Frozen Passion fruit Daiquiri
-Frozen Mango Daiquiri
-Frozen Peach Daiquiri
-Banana Flavoured Daquiri
-Classic Margarita (Freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila and orange liqueur. A classic cocktail served straight up, on the rocks or blended )
-Casa Rita Margarita (Freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur and a dash of our home-made syrup. Served on the rocks with a siracha salt rim )
-Brunch MARGARITA (Smooth marmalade shaken with tequila, orange liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice. An English twist to a Mexican classic )
-Tommies MARGARITA (A modern classic skinny style! Tequila, freshly squeezed lime juice and a splash of agave syrup )
-Coconut MARGARITA (1800 coconut tequila, coconut cream and a splash of pineapple juice. A must for coconut fans )
-Avocado & Passion Fruit Margarita (Avocado, passion fruit and freshly squeezed lime juice, shaken with tequila and served on the rocks with a siracha salt rim )
-Elderflower Margarita (A delicate blend of tequila, St Germain elderflower liqueur and freshly squeezed lime juice. Served straight up )
-Chilli & Coriander Margarita (A beautiful balance of Mexican flavours. The warmth of the fresh chilli is tamed by the refreshing mix of fresh coriander and fresh lime. Add to that a dose of tequila and orange liqueur and you have a glass of Mexican freshness )
-Flavoured Margarita - Passionfruit (If you like your Margaritas fruity, this one might just be your thing. Tequila and fresh lime juice blended with passion fruit purée. Served on the rocks. If you prefer frozen just ask )
-Peach, Strawberry, Mango & Raspberry Flavoured Magarita
-Pina Colada (Created in Puerto Rico but has travelled the world to become a classic! BACARDI rum blended with pineapple juice and coconut cream )

Plus many more, find your favorite Drink here-

-Cucumber, Ginger & Avocado Smoothie
-ginger & Apple Smoothie
-Peanut Butter, Banana & Chilli Jam Smoothie ( This sounds incredible, love the sound of it)
-Strawberry, Apple & Raspberry Smoothie

Soft Drinks-
-Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Cranberry, Passionfruit juice
-Orange, Blackcurrent, lime Cordial
- Diet Pepsi

The drinks menu is absolutely Outstanding, but the Food Menu is great quality, the atmosphere is excellent but its a shame they don't do more of a selection of Vegan Main Meals! 

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Chiquitos are very pleased to announced, that they have 9 new Restaurants due in 2015! Im excited, are you?

I have been to Chiquitos once and i was very happy with the service, the staff are friendly, and they are willing to help!

I highly recommend visiting Chiquitos for a Fiesta of Fun ( and Delightful Restaurant experience)

You can find Chiquitos-
-Manchester - The Printworks, M4 2BS
-Didsbury, M20 5PG
-Bolton, BL6 6JA
-Ashton Moss, OL7 0PG
-Blackburn, BB1 1BB
-Leicester, LE19 1JZ
-Nottingham - Lenton, NG7 2UW
-Nottingham - Cornerhouse, NG1 4BY
-Salford Quays, M50 3WL
-Birmingham - Hagley Road, B68 0LH

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Holly Jade 


  1. Can't say enough great things about this place! Our server was productive and nice. The appetizers were excellent, as were the main courses. The food at San Francisco restaurants is indeed as good as advertised and they had some solid beer recommendations. I can't wait to come back!

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