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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Plamil Dairy-free Chocolate

It is very hard to find a wide variety of Vegan Snacks & Sweet Treats in the Shops as opposed to Online.
I am a huge Chocolate fan, so it won't take me long to get through these!! :P
Plamil Review-
First of all, let me tell you what Plamil is. 
Plamil is a Chocolate company based in the UK which sell Dairy-free Milk Chocolate Alternatives in a range of unusual but yummy flavours!
They have been proudly making Chocolate since 1983. These Chocolates are made for Vegan Chocolate lovers! A lovely alternative to Dairy Milk Chocolate! 

They contain NO Animal Egg or Dairy Ingredients. They are also Gluten-free, Suitable for Ceoeliacs & Nut-free.

 They are made from a mix of Cocoa, Sugar and rice as well as their many different yummy flavours! 

'They are also Organic'

They are Vegetarian Society Approved which is always good to know!
In some of the Chocolate bars, Plamil have actually used Xylotol to Sweeten the Chocolate without using real sugar! This means these Bars are suitable for Diabetics! :)

Plamil were extremely kind, and sent me 5 Large Chocolate bars, 3 smaller bars, and their NEW product 'Lots of this, None of that' which i am extremely excited to try!

All of these bars i was sent are definitely worth tracking down and purchasing! Very lovely packaged products, also its contents are super Moorish, Tempting and enjoyable.

What i recieved-

-Organic Orange

-Organic Cayenne (Hot chilli)

-Mint Chocolate

-Organic Ginger
-Shelled Hemp Chocolate
(These Larger bars Retail at £2.50+)

-Organic Orange Chocolate with Cranberries
-Rum Flavour Organic Chocolate with Raisins 
-Banana Chocolate
(These Retail at £1.14)

-Lots of this, None of that 
(This Bar Retails at £0.97)

All of these sounds absolutely delicious! I have ripped open a few and have already Tried and Tasted some!
Here are a few of my Opinions-

Organic Orange
I am a Huge Chocolate Orange fan, ever since i used to have a big Obsession with Terrys Chocolate Orange before i became Vegan.
This Chocolate bar is lovely! It is very Sweet, you can obviously taste Natural Orange Oil flavour! Its a flavour Burst in the Mouth!
It is lovely & creamy in Texture.It melts in your Mouth with its wonderful,rich Flavour! You could Eat it as it is or use in Baking to make some Lovely Chocolate Orange Cupcakes.

Here is a Link to my Chocolate Orange Cupakes-

If you love Orange and Dark Chocolate, then you will love this!

Organic Ginger-
I do like a Ginger Beer, so i was excited to try this out!
This Chocolate Bar tastes amazing, with Exotic Spicy Ginger Flavours! It is wonderful and Smooth! Made out of 60% Cocoa, this bar is filled with a Tempting, melting Chocolate! 
It is definitely one not to be missed (if you love Strong, Ginger Flavours )
Its very Strong, which i like, it almost tastes like you've just rubbed a Real Piece of Ginger on to Dark Chocolate! Its a Real flavour burst!

Organic Cayenne (Hot Chilli)
This Chocolate has a right Kick to it! 
A beautiful taste of Dark Chocolate with a fiery pop of Spicy Cayenne Pepper!
I do like Spice, and this is a very unusual pairing, but i really enjoyed it! I would happily Purchase this scrummy Chocolate Bar again! 
I think its great for when you have a Cold and need Spice, hot food, just reach for this Chocolate, and you'll be Cured! 
Did i mention, this is Plamils Top Seller! whoop!!

Shelled Hemp Seed
This Bar has a strong, dark Chocolate taste, but when you bite into it, you get a gritty texture of the Shelled Hemp Seed.
It is really Tasty. Much Tastier and enjoyable than i thought it would be. Diabetics can enjoy this Chocolate as it is Sweetened with Xylitol.
As it contains Hemp Seed, Hemp is a great source of Protein and this Chocolate Bar contain 11.1g of Protein per 100g of Chocolate.
Very lovely treat!

Banana Chocolate-
I do love anything with Bananas! 
Banana and Chocolate is vastly becoming one of my Favourite Pairing. 
Trying this for the first time was really indulging. The Chocolate is really Sweet. A definite Sweet Treat for a Sweet Tooth! 
These Smaller Bars are Perfect to fit into your Bag for on the go for a quick pop of flavour! 
This Chocolate bar Contains Xylitol, so even Diabetics can enjoy this tasty Snack! It is a fantastic addition to their No added sugar Variety.
If you would like to check out their 'No added Sugar variety, i have linked their Website Below :)

Rum Flavour Organic Chocolate with Raisins-
This Chocolate has a distinctive Rum Scent. I love how the Bar has real, juicy Raisins popped on top!
This Chocolate is visually Rustic with the Raisins evident in the Chocolate itself!
The Chocolate ( like all of Plamils Chocolate bars) is very Creamy and luxurious!
Im not a huge Rum fan, so i gave a piece to my Mum to try who loved it! She said it tasted rich, dark and had a burst of Rum. It leaves a nice Aftertaste!
I think this Chocolate bar is suited for more Adults than Kiddies. :)

Lots of this, None of that ( NEW PRODUCT REVIEW) 
This is Plamils New Product 'Lots of This, None of That'
It is a Dairy-free Vegan Chocolate Bar made from Chicory extract & Reduced sugar.

Cocoa Butter, Sugar, Rice Powder ( Rice Syrup Powder, rice starch, Rice Flour), Cocoa Mass, Chicory Root Extract & Emulsifier- Sunflower Lecithin.

I really enjoyed this Chocolate. It is very creamy in Texture and doesn't leave an aftertaste, like some Chocolates do.
The Bar is 30g, and Plamil state that they have made it with Reduced Sugar by using Chicory Extract ( as this is a natural Sweetener)
There is 26g of Sugar per 100g of Chocolate, which is less than your normal Vegan Chocolate Bar. This is also more appealing.
The Chocolate comes in a bright & Colourful Packaging, and the Chocolate itself is hand made,in a uneven surfaced, with a Leaf print Design. Each Chocolate won't be the same.
 I really like its  see through swirl on the front of the Packet, as you can see the contents. 

I would be more than happy to purchase this Product again.

Plamil also have a range of Milks made for your Morning Cereal, Cup'pa Tea, Cooking or just to enjoy Drinking.
They contain 
-No Lactose or Cholesterol
-No Added Sugars, Sweeteners or Salt
- Free from Artificial Colourings & Flavourings 
-Low in Saturated Fats

You can buy all of these Bars i have talked about and MORE on Plamils Website-

Thank you Plamil for supporting my Blog, and sending me these yummy Treats! They have most definitely been enjoyed!!!! :)
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their delightful products! 

I had a response from Plamil, stating that their Company is Purely Vegan, as some companies may make Chocolate and say they are Wholly Vegan, when in fact they may contain Traces of Dairy Milk.

Plamil Company want to reassure me that their Company has always been, and will always be 100% Vegan!
They have their Own Vegan Trade mark on their Products, so this is reassuring if you are wanting 100% Vegan Chocolate made by the Company who you can trust! :)

More Reviews of Vegan Products coming very Soon... :)
Holly Jade 


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