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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Beautycon London 2015


Monday, 11 May 2015

Gluten Free! Coeliac Awareness Week

I wanted to write this post because it is Coeliac Awareness Week. I myself do not suffer with Coeliac but at one point i thought i did, so i read up about it & now know quite a lot about Coeliac. 
I hope this Post is Beneficial :) 
Also at the end, there is a Orgran Product review :)

What is Coeliac?
Coeliac (pronounced See.Lee.ak) is a disease of the small intestine, which is hyper-sensitive to Gluten causing difficulty digesting certain Foods. Coeliac is not a Food Intolerance or Allergy. The disease affects 1 in 100 in the UK, so is more common than you think. Anyone at any age could develop this disease. It is most common in adults aged 50-60+
Coeliac can be genetic ( so if someone in your Family has the disease, there is a chance you may develop it in later life, but it doesn't mean you will definitely get it) If your Brother or Sister has the disease, the chance goes up to 1 in 10.

What is Gluten?
Gluten is a mixture of 2 Proteins which are present in Wheat, Barley, Rye & more..
These 2 proteins are called Gliadin and Glutenin. 
Gliadin is the Protein which Coeliacs suffer with.
A lot of People suffer from a Gluten intolerance and it doesn't always apply to people with Coeliac disease, you could just be sensitive to Gluten.
Foods that contain Gluten are things like, Breads, Cereals, Pastas, some Soups,Beer, Pizza...
Even some Vitamins & Minerals contain Gluten!
Nowdays, more and more people are opting for a Gluten-free Diet for health benefits, since its been revealed that Gluten can be bad for your health.

What are Coeliacs symptoms?
Symptoms of Coeliacs varies from person to person & can range from Mild where it doesn't take over as much of your life, to people who suffer with Severe symptoms and can be disabling  & extremely distressing.

Symptoms of Eating Gluten in Children who have Coeliac Disease-

-Abdominal Bloating & Pain
-Fatigue (tiredness)
-Chronic Constipation 
-Chronic Diarrhoea which could contain Blood
-Decreased Apptite & Failure to Gain Weight
Growth Problems & failure to thrive

Symptoms of Eating Gluten in Adults with Coeliac Disease -

-Recurrent Stomach Cramps & Bloating
-Anemia (Low Red blood Cells)
-Joint or Bone Pain
-Tingling or Numbness in Hands or Feet (caused by Nerve damage & Low Calcium)
-Erratic Menstrual Periods
-Sudden Weight loss
-Mouth Ulsers
-Depression & Anxiety
-Liver Problems
-Growth Problems
-Delayed Puberty
-Severe Skin Rashes

Eating Foods that contain Gluten can trigger a range of Symptoms, so its worth trying to find out what Foods are causing your a problems, and cut them out for a while.

What Health Problems Coincide with Coeliac Disease?

People who suffer with Coeliac disease are more at risk to be susceptible to other Health Problems such as:
-Osteoporosis (which is a Medical Condition which makes the bones become Brittle & Fragile from the loss of Tissue, as a result of Hormonal Changes, or deficiency of Vitamin D & Calcium)
-Growth Problems in children ( as they do not absorb enough Nutrients to make the body grow Normally)
-Cancer of the intestine (this is Very Rare!)
-Miscarriage or Infertility

Those who suffer with Coeliac may suffer with other Autoimmune Disease such as-

-Rheumatoid Arthritis (a condition that causes swelling & pain of the joints)
-Thyroid disease 
-Lupus (which is a disease which the body immune system becomes Hypersensitive & attacks Normal, Healthy Tissue)
-Type 1 diabetes

Treating Coeliac disease?

Unfortunately, there is no Cure for Coeliac disease but cutting out Gluten & making Dietary changes can be extremely beneficial & should help you to control your Symptoms.
When switching to a Gluten-free diet, it is best to maintain a Healthy & Balanced diet!
The best thing you can do, is always read the Labels on your Foods & packaging, & try to familiarise yourself with what foods cause you a problem. This really helped with me & (touch wood) i haven't had a problem with my diet for a while (stop Holly before you Jinx yourself haha)
If you can, spend time in the Kitchen making some delicious Gluten-free Meals. There are tons of Gluten-free Cook Books out there, I'm sure it would be beneficial!

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, its important to consult your Doctor who will investigate by taking a Blood Sample to see if you have Ceoliac disease. 

These symptoms might not mean you have Coeliac disease it could mean that you have an Intolerance or Allergy to Gluten, but its really important not to ignore symptoms & to get check up by the Doctor as soon as possible :)

My No.1 Gluten-free Cook Book i recommend!
No.1- Seriously Good! Gluten-free Cooking: In Association with Coeliac UK by Phil Vickery.
This Book is great for Coeliac sufferers. I was really impressed reading though this Book to find so many seriously tasty Recipes! It would be silly not to pick it up & give em' a try!
You can Purchase Phil's Book here-

If you would like more information on Coelicas, i have included a Link to Coeliac UK below :)

Here are some Foods i suggest for Gluten-free Diets-

If you have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, all is not lost as there is a lot of delicious & tasty Foods, Recipes, Books to take inspiration from.

A great Company who product Coeliac foods is....
Orgran is a Food Company which create Gluten-free, Wheat-free, Nut-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Yeast-free,Gmo-free yummy Snacks & Foods.
They are also suitable for Vegan! whoop :D

Orgran is the trusted Brand for Coeliacs & other allergy sufferers around the World.

Orgran export to 55 countries around the World.Visit their Website here-

Orgran provide healthy & tasty products which are free from major allergens! Orgran offer a great variety of foods from Cakes, to crackers,Crispbreads & more!

Orgran were very kind and sent me some of their Foods to try. I received the Amaretti Biscotti, Toasted Buckwheat Crispbread, Apple & Cinnamon pancake mix, Multigrain Wafer Crackers & the Kids Itsy Bitsy Bear Bits.

All of these products listed below are suitable for Vegan :)

Lets start off with the...


Orgrans Biscotti is made with the finest Gluten-free ingredients. They are lovely little Biscuits which provide excellent quality  & the most exquisite Baked Gluten-free Biscotti without using Eggs, Milk, or Animal Fats.
They contain-
Maize Starch, Raw Sugar, Palm Vegetable Oil, Coconut Desiccated (Sulphur Dioxide), Rice Flour, Brown Rice Syrup, Yellow Pea Flour, Natural Amaretto Flavour (0.5%), Emulsifier: Vegetable derived Monoglycerides, Salt, Raising Agent: Sodium Bicarbonate

In my opinion, i find these cute little Biscuits taste like Coconut (i don't know if anyone else finds this but i find them really moorish, i can't just have one!)

Pour a cool glass of Almond Milk or a cuppa' tea & dunk Away!
Seriously tasty!

Apple & Cinnamon Pancake Mix-

I made and tucked in to this delightful Pancake mix this morning, it just sounded ahhhmazing!
This Pancake mix is a quality made natural product which is Wheat-free, Egg-free,Yeast-free, Dairy-free Gluten-free & contains no added Sugars.
This mix is perfect if you want quick yet really tasty home-made Pancakes!

All you have to do is add 400ml of Water into a large bowl, then add some of the Orgran No Egg Replacer & stir in all of the Ingredients until Smooth.
Pour into a Lightly greased Pan and cook on a low heat, flip away and serve!
They are tasty enough just as they are but you could also add sugar or other toppings if you like! You get a nice Sweet flavour from the Apples & a light, spicy kick from the Cinnamon.

The mix contains-
Maize Starch, Fructose, Dried Apple (Sulphur Dioxide) (7%), Maize Flour, Raising Agents: Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Carbonate. Cinnamon (0.9%), Potato Starch, Yellow Pea Flour, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Gums (Stabilisers): Guar Gum, Methylcellulose. Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid.

Multigrain Wafer Crackers-

These Wafer Crackers are the perfect snack by themselves or break them/dip them into/over some Dairy-free Icecream ( perfect for the Summer) or even grate some Dairy-free Cheese on top.
These Crackers are Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Yeast-free, Dairy-free & Tasty!
The Crackers are light & full of Flavour. They come in 3 different moorish Flavours-
-Buckwheat ( for added goodness)
These are made in Orgrans dedicated Free from facility so everyone can enjoy them.

They contain-Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour (15%), Buckwheat Flour (12%), Maize Starch, Iodised Salt, Sunflower Lecithin, Vegetable Gum (Thickener): Xanthan Gum.

Itsy bitsy bears-

Orgrans Itsy Bitsy Bears are tiny little bear shapes biscuits flavoured with Chocolate & tiny berry flavoured bits. These cute little biscuits are free from Gluten, Wheat, Egg, Dairy, Yeast & Egg.
These little bears are perfect to take on the go. They are naturally rich in Complex Carbohydrates.
They are very tasty & i love to pop of flavour from the Sweet berries.
They contain-
Maize starch, Brown rice flour, Raw sugar, Choc bits (14%), Sugar, Palm vegetable oil,Cocoa powder, Rice syrup, Pea flour, Psyllium, raising agent: Sodium bicarbonate, Calcium carbonate (source of calcium), vegetable gum: Guar, emulsifier: Monoglycerides from vegetable, Natural vanilla flavour, Salt

Buckwheat Crispbread -

I love Crispbreads and the variety of toppings you can add to them!
These are produced using nutrient rich Buckwheat which is milled to maintain Freshness, purity & unique flavour.
Orgrans Crispbreads were super tasty and I paired mine with some sliced avocado  Tomato, Black pepper and a sprinkling of Chia Seeds. They are really light & have a nice layered crunch.

These contain-
Buckwheat Flour (68%), Rice Flour, Salt

Thankyou to Orgran for kindly sending me these delightful snacks! They will be thoroughly enjoyed!

If you would like to find out more about Orgran & see their many other delicious products, here is the link below to their website-

I hope this Post is helpful & it would be useful to have any comments or suggestions about this post or any other posts for me to do in the Future!

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Please comment if you have any questions , ill be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)

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Holly x


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Coconut & Lemon Snack Bar Recipe

Vegan, Dairy-free, Wheat-free, Gluten-free, Egg-free, Yeast-free
No-Bake very quick and easy Coconut & Lemon Bars, perfect for snacking!
I love Coconut, theres no Doubt about it. My sister recently bought home some Shop made Coconut Bars, but i couldn't have them as they contained i took it on myself to make some Homemade ^.^
Lemon, in my opinion goes really well with Coconut so i threw them together and made these moorish Snack bars!
These Bars are super quick and easy to make so why not give the a try, they're worth it! 

Preparation & making time time- 2 minutes
Serves- 4-5 hungry tummies

-100gram of Un-Sweetened Organic Desiccated Coconut
 -2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
-1/2 a Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
-1/2 Cup of Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup
-Squeeze of Lemon Juice
-Pinch of Salt
You can add some Dairy-free White Chocolate or Chia Seeds like i did, for added Protein!

Lets get Baking.....

Step 1- Combine all of the lovely Ingredients into a Large Mixing Bowl or Food Prosessor/Blender (Its much easier to lightly Mix the Ingredients together then transfer it into a Food Processor.

Step 2- While the Mix is blending, Squeeze in some Lemon Juice ( This just makes the Bar a little more Zingy)

Step 3- When everything is combined,pop the Mix into a Tray or Container and Press down, making sure its all together.

Step 4- Pop into the Freezer for 20 minutes before Cutting into Bar sizes and tuck in!
Make it even better with some Soya Cream, a dollop of Dairy-free Ice-cream (mine is Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla Dairy-free,Lactose-free & Gluten-free Ice-cream) and a Drizzle of Maple syrup for a real Sweet Treat! 

Store in the Fridge!

If you like, give it a try yourself, and let me know how you get on, 
I hope you liked this recipe!
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Holly x

Vegan at Zizzi Restaurant

I like to write posts about Restaurants & Dining out as reading up doesn't only help you guys, but it helps me too, to find new and exciting Restaurants to enjoy and who cater for me & my dietary needs.

Its nice to take time out and go out for a relaxing Meal, so why not choose Zizzi!

What is Zizzi?
Zizzi is a chain of beautiful Italian Restaurants dotted around the UK. Zizzi's Menu includes delicate Pasta dishes, Moorish Baked Pizzas and more! 
 Zizzi's Restaurants have a chilled out vibe with a Fresh Italian feel & Modern artwork!

Zizzis DO cater for Vegans but the Menu is Limited. 

On the Zizzi Website, you can get access to their Allergen Menu & it states all the Food for different Dietary Needs. 

Zizzi Allergen Menu Spring 2015

Vegan Menu
All dishes listed below ARE Suitable for Vegans

-Mixed Leaf, Tomato & Spring Onion Salad
-Tuscan Potatos 
-Green Beans
-Long Stem Broccoli
-Italian Naked Slaw

Breads & Nibbles-
-Zizzi Olives
-Fava Pepe (Basil Broad Bean Chips & Roquito Pepper Pearls)

Zizzi's unfortunately doesn't cook any Pasta/Pizza dishes suitable for Vegans, but they can make their Non-Vegan Pasta and Pizza's dishes Vegan.
The Pasta Zizzi use is Egg-Free and is made out of Semolina & Durum Wheat.

-Spaghetti Pomadora(Ask without Bufalo Mozzarella)
-Pappardellepollo Funghi-(Ask without Chicken)

-Skinny Primavera (Ask without Goats Cheese)
This Pizza contains Roasted Aubergine, Artichokes, Peppers, Slow Roasted Tomatos, Olives & Fresh Oregano, Toppings go on after Cooking for a Lighter Taste
Zizzi Skinny Pizzas are made on their New Wholemeal, White & Spelt Base served with an Italian Naked Slaw.

-Creamy & Sweet Lemon & Strawberry Sorbet
-Pomegranet Sorbet (Seasonal Scoop)
-Red Berry Compote Topper 

Kids Menu-
-Mini Pasta Pomodora (with Baby plum Tomatos & Fresh Basil)
-Mini Pasta Pomadora (for Tiny Tummies)
-Pizza Topping- Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers
-Green Beans
-Long Stem Broccoli
-Lemon & Strawberry Sorbet

For more information & Choices on the Bambino Menu, visit the Zizzi Link below :)

Below, i have Linked to the Allergy Menu where you can find the Egg, Gluten, Milk-free etc Menus....

I have been to Zizzi many times up & down the Country, and the staff have always been accommodating and helpful in choosing the perfect Meal to suit you!
(and its always super tasty) :)

I highly recommend Zizzi for a lovely Family outing paired with delicious, wholesome Food the whole Family will enjoy!

If you want anymore information, i have linked Zizzi's website below :)

You can also keep upto date with Zizzi on Social Media-

Enjoy Food in Style!

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Holly x 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ocado Online Supermarket (My Vegan shopping)

What is Ocado
I like to use different Websites and Stores to find new and exciting products. I came across Ocado from a Family Friend who uses the Website to get their Healthy Food Stock sent to their Door. Its a very easy process, and for someone (like me) who struggles in the Free From section in Supermarkets, Online Stores like Ocado & Goodness direct make shopping so much more simpler, not to mention the wide variety of Vegan Food on offer is awesome. 

I did a little bit of shopping Last night, and woke up to the Door bell, my shopping arrived! Wooooo! haha. Ocado offers a Next day delivery for free!!!! This is outstanding. 

I have split my Shopping into a few different sections so you can see what i have bought, what i will use them for and to give you a little idea on what Ocado Sells!

Lets get started...
All of the Foods below are Suitable for Vegans :)

I like to make my own Home-made Milkshakes, but sometimes when I'm in a Hurry or need to be out the House quick, i will grab a ready Made Milkshake or Drink.
I picked up the Koko Dairy-free Chocolate Milkshakes,

 these are made from Freshly Pressed Coconut, they are simply Delish!
 I also picked up 2 of the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Orange Kids 100% Dairy-free Chocolate Orange Mylk.

 These 2 drinks are the perfect size to slip into your bag or pocket ( just remember they are there) and they taste lovely. They are made from Water, Coconut Milk, Date Nectar, Cacao & Orange Oil. yummy
I am having a huge WaterMelon Hype atm, so i decide to try the refreshing Mello WaterMelon Raw Juice

This Juice is packed with Natural Goodness with no added Sugar, Sweeteners, Preservatives or Water. Its filled with a Natural Source of Alkaline Water, Vitamins, Minerals & Anti-Oxidents to keep you moving & hydrated for the day!
If i have a little more time or I'm having a lazy day at home, i will use the Good Hemp Seed dairy-free Milk to make one of my Protein Packed Smoothies. 

I normally like to have a Cooked Lunch but if i don't have time to make myself a Healthy, Nutritious Meal, this is a quick alternative and still Nutritious & Healthy. I ordered 2 yummy Uncle Bens Wholegrain & Quinoa Tomato & Basil Rice

This Rice is great paired with some Cooked Tofu! The Quinoa offers a great source of Protein, containing 8.6grams of Protein per Pack. 
I also picked up 2 Mr Organic Veg A' More Pasta Sauces.

 One is a Soya sauce with Cracked Black Pepper & Sun Ripened Tomatoes and the other is Seitan Pasta sauce with Crushed Chilli & Sun-ripened Tomatoes  I will use this sauce with some Gluten-free Wholegrain Spaghetti.
As i can tolerate a little Wheat, i ordered a Burgen SunFlower & Chia Seed Loaf.

 This Bread is made using Chia Seeds, a known Superfood that contains Omega 3, which helps maintain Healthy Levels of Cholesterol. 
The seeds also give the Bread an added Crunch.
And as always, i had to pick up yet another bag of Waitrose Chia Seeds

Ocado sell different brands & Stores own food.

As i have just stated, Chia Seeds are a great Source of Omega 3 & protein, they are also Rich in Fibre and they are very nutritious not to mention they taste lovely. They can be added to your Soups, Rice dishes, Salads, name it! They are lovely!
Talking of Bread, if I'm not too Hungry i will whip up a batch of my Homemade hummus and eat it with some of the Organico Spelt Grissini Breadsticks!

 I have to say, these are probably some of the best & tastiest Breadsticks i have ever had! :P
They are quite large, larger than your typical Bread sticks, and they are very Moorish. Made from Spelt Flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Yeast & Salt,once you've tried these you will never go back to eating normal Breadsticks! Spelt Flour is richer in many Nutrients, for example-Vitamin B3, its also rich in Minerals which support a Healthy Nervous cardiovascular Skeletal & Immune System. It also has extra Virgin Olive Oil which is a good Healthy Fat. 

I like to make my Own Dinners and Recipes, but its also nice to just wack something in the Oven. I picked up a box of the Frys Meat Free Asian Spiced Burgers & a box of the Braai Style Country Herb Sausages.

 Both of these products cook in 8 Minutes. They are both a High Source of Protein. On a Vegan Diet, your Protein levels need to be Maintained. They are also A Non-Gm product and are good in Fiber. 
I hadn't heard of Fry before, but i am super glad i did. The burgers taste lovely with some Mixed Vegetable rice and a sprinkling of Hemp seed. You could even BBQ them in the summer outdoors and eat them with some Ketchup or BBQ sauce. 

I try not to snack, but sometimes i just can't help myself. 
I am a huge BBQ girl. I have always loved Smoky/spicy flavours. I came across a company called Slim Fast on Ocado under the Snacking section, so i picked them up. They are BBQ flavoured Tortilla Corn Chips with are 94Kcal a bag. 

These Chips are really for those who are on a Weight Loss Diet, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy these as a cheeky snack. They taste like the BBQ Doritos. I will be re-purchasing a bag of these very soon :P
As you may be able to tell by my posts, i love Nakd Products. Nàkd are a Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Wheat-free food brand that strive on being healthy and cater for different dietary requirements. I love cherry, so it only made sense to grab a few bags of their Cherry Flavoured Raisins

These Raisins are Infused with a Mouth-watering Authentic cherry flavour, that just taste like Candy Sweets(perfect for a Sweet-Tooth). They contain no Artificial Colours or sweeteners, just full of Goodness!
Talking of Candy Sweets,i also grabbed a box of the Halter WaterMelon Sugar-Free BonBons.

 These little BonBons are filled with a Mouth-watering,juicy waterMelon Flavour with just tastes Luxorious! They are great to pop in your bag and have s Fruit pop of flavour when needed! They leave a juicy WaterMelon taste in your Mouth (which i personally love) A Must buy for any Watermelon lovers!

As it's coming up to the Summer and the Weather is Heating up, i thought, why not get a tub of Dairy-free ice-cream to keep in the Freezer for when its a beautiful, sunny day. This is a Re-purchase since Christmas. This is the Swedish Glace Smooth Vanilla Dairy-free,Lactose-free & Gluten-free Ice-cream

It tastes like normal Dairy Ice-cream, but it uses extract from Soya Beans.
It is very Creamy & Moorish! 1 scoop just isn't enough. I like to eat my ice-cream with a Sprinkling of Chia Seed and a pinch of Maca Powder. 


I like to use different Flours in my Baking ( Cakes, Cookies etc,) so i decided to try the Doves Farm Wholemeal Spelt Flour
This Flour is from an Ancient relative of the Modern Wheat/Spelt, and will add a delicious complex of Flavours to your Baking. Wholegrain Spelt Flour is delicious in Wholegrain Recipes, it is also a great source of Vitamin K.
I use the Sukrin Raw Almond Flour quite a lot in my Recipes, so this is a re-purchase. It adds a Nutty Flavour to baking recipes and it also gives a better texture to cakes (in my opinion, as opposed to normal White Flour)
I like to Mix and Match up my Flour to give a better range of Flavours & Texture :)

Ocado also uses Recyclable materials-For example, they recycle their Plastic Shopping Bags! This is great for the environment! All you need to do is return the bags to your Driver on your Next Drop off!

As this was my first time ordering from Ocado, they also sent me an adorable TeaTowl as a thanks for placing my first Order. 

So...go on and try out Ocado Today, it changes they way you shop! 
I'll definitely be using Ocado again! 

Discover Ocado-

If you would like to check out Ocado, i have linked their Website/Online Store Below :)

Happy Shopping :)

Please comment if you have any questions , ill be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)

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Holly x

Monday, 4 May 2015

Vegan at Subway?

What is Subway?
Subway is an American Fast Food Restaurant serving quick and easy Fresh Salads & Sandwiches to sit in or Take away.
Subway is one of the Fastest growing Franchises in the World, with 43,035 Restaurants in 108 Countries ( so anywhere in the world, there will be a Subway not too far away!) :)
The Restaurants i have been in all have a similar vibe and is always packed(thats a good reason, means tasty food). Subway Meals are reasonably priced. Make your own creation at great prices! What i like most about Subway, you can mix and match what you would like in your Sandwiches.

Subway is convenient for Students and Workers who need a quick, Healthy, substantial meal before heading out into the big,wide world (its better to do that with a full stomach :P )

Subway cater for Vegetarians and Vegans

A great thing about Subway, they have a Nutrition Information page on their Website. This lets you see whats in all of the Food and make your choices before going into the Restaurant! 
If you would like to have a little snoop, i have linked the page below-

I have been through the Nutrition & Allergy page and have listen all of the Foods below which are Suitable for a Vegan Diet :)

How to Order a Delicious Subway?
Choose your Size Bread and your filling by the list i have written out for you below :)

-Subway come in 2 different Sizes, 6inch and a Foot Long ( this is for people with a big appetite) 

-Then they Toast your chosen Bread so its Warm & slightly Crispy, and pass it over to cram pack it full with Goodness, then drizzle all over it with your Chosen Sauce. You can make it a Meal by adding either a Soft or Fizzy Drink and some Crisps, or go Healthy and grab a bag of Sliced Apples, they are juicy and Refreshing & save on Individual Prices. 

I normally order a 6inch on Hearty Italian Bread with Lettuce, Sweetcorn,Green Peppers, Tomato, Jalapeños with a drizzle of Sweet Chilli Sauce.....its light and spicy, really nice for a Lunch break! I would normally grab a bottle of Water, to keep my Hydrated for the day ahead!

Make your meal Vegan-

-Italian Bread(contains Soya & Wheat)
-Hearty Italian (contains Soya & Wheat)
-9 Grain Honey Oat Bread (contains Soya & Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats &Spelt)
-9 Grain Wheat bread(contains Soya, Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats & Spelt)

Condiments & Toppings-
-BBQ Sauce (contains Celery & Mustard)
-Honey Mustard Sauce (contains Mustard)
-Yellow mustard (contains Mustard)
-Brown Mustard (contains Mustard)
-Sweet Chilli Sauce (contains Wheat Gluten)
-Ketchup (contains Celery)
-HP Sauce (contains Barley & Rye)
-Hot Chilli Sauce
-Sweet Onion Sauce (contains Poppy Seeds & Mustard)
-Teriyaki Glaze (contains Soya, Wheat Gluten, Sesame & Celery)
-Marinara Sauce (contains Soya)
Fresh Vegetables-
-Green Peppers
-Red Onions

-Nachos & Salsa (without Cheese, as it contains Dairy Milk)
-Apple Slices

-Bottled Water
-Tropicano Juice
Diet Coke
-Coca Cola
-Fanta Orange
Subway also sell Capri Sun for those who like a Fruit Juice & Water as well as no added sugar or sweeteners, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It also gives you one of your 5 a day! There's loads of hot drinks too - so if you're in need of some hot stuff, steam in and try their freshly ground coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Have a look at their Menu in-store for the full range of drinks available.

If you want anymore information, i have linked Subways website below :)

You can also keep upto date with Subway on Social Media-

Enjoy Fresh Sandwiches & Salads in Style!

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Holly Jade
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