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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Beautycon London 2015

In this post, i will talk about a natural Hair care brand who were are at Beautycon so keep reading :)

So........luckily enough i won 2 tickets to go to Beautycon London today from Niomi Smarts Instagram Competition :D I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! hehe
I have never been to  Beautycon, i have been to the Clothes Show but i was really looking forward to seeing something different! As i won 2 tickets i wanted to take my Sister. In fact, as soon as we arrived, she was stopped by her first ever subscriber!!! It was so cool! 
If you like Beauty, Fitness and general lifestyle checkout & subscribe to my sisters Youtube channel!

Naomi is vegetarian but she is taking on board some of my recipes & products and will be doing some videos of them soon :D

Beautycon is a Beauty convention, which previously has been held in the USA in Dallas & LA. Beautycon holds talks by well known Youtubers, talks on Beauty & fashion or what evers on your mind. They have little panels where your favourite youtubers go onstage to have fun & casual talks/chats with the audience.  Its a great place to bring fans, brands & creators together in one place where its all Beauty-fied and for the first ever time it was held today in the London Olympia, Kensington :)

I was excited to go to Beautycon as one of my favorite Youtubers & inspiration for my Blog was going....Niomi Smart! 
If you don't know Niomi Smart, she is a Beauty, Fashion, Health & Fittness Youtuber & Blogger!
Niomi has inspired me, with her delicious vegan recipe Videos along with finding Natural Beauty Products!

I saw she posted a little competition on her Instagram a few weeks ago, so i thought i'd give it a go, got to be in it to win it and outstandingly i won????

As soon as i arrived at Beautycon, i had a little wander round & then my sister tapped me on the shoulder & said 'isn't that Niomi?' Thankfully i didn't fangirl ( honestly its hard not too :P ) I thankfully was able to get a picture with her & tell her i was the competition Winner. It was unreal! 

After that, we then went on to have a lovely chat with Becky from Talk Becky Talk & Karissa Pukas! All of these girls are beautiful but are even more beautiful in real life. Me & my sis kept on saying to each other, they don't look anything like they do on Camera? I don't know if anyone else thinks that? haha

My fan girling side showed when Tyler Oakley walked past! That guy is so adorable in real life, i just wanted to give him a hug haha! He was being very lovely & polite to his fans, which is great to see :)

Now on to the Beauty-

I'll tell you how i got my hair nice,curly & shiny soft.
I woke up pretty early to get ready as i like to let my Hair air dry, especially if I'm using a Curling Iron on it. 
I washed my Hair using the Faith in Nature Tea-tree Shampoo and Conditioned using the Lush Veganease. I also like to wash my Hair in Cold Water which is meant to be good for your Hair as it locks in the Moisture.
I always use Heat protectant when using Heat. I like to use the Desert Essence Coconut Hair defrizzer & protector.

I used my Remington Barrel Wand to give me some loose beachy waves. I like them to look natural & to gradually drop out during the day.
 I used Coconut Oil to smooth down any fly aways & to give my Hair some Bounce and a nice glow.
And i was finished :)

There were plenty of great Beauty brands you could wonder round. I was going round asking at the stalls if they sell Vegan Products. One stall called OGX Beauty sold some lovely natural Hair products.
They are not a Vegan Brand, but they do sell some Vegan Products which contain no animal ingredients.
OGX Beauty is a Hair care company. Their products contain Exotic ingredients to the shape of their beautiful slick bottles. Products range from Argan Oil, Coconut, Vitamin B5, Cherry Shampoo, Conditioner, Masks & Oils.......
They have products specific to your Hair type whether that be Oily, Dry, Thin, Thick....OGX have you covered!

I have used OGX before as you can pick up the Shampoos & Conditioners in Boots, Superdrug etc 

I have been a big fan of their Brazilian Keratin Therepy range for a while. The Conditioner  especially. The Conditioner contains a blend of Antioxydent rich Coconut Oil along with Lush Keratin Protein to help strengthen & make your Hair feel Soft with an luminescent shine/glow. Its great for Curly or wavy Hair, as my Hair is wavy i tried it out & fell in love. I always have this product stocked up in my Bathroom Cabinet. 

Best of all, its Suitable for Vegan. I would highly recommend popping into a Boots & picking one up to give it a go! Your Hair will love you for it!
This retails at £6.99

A very kind Woman who was at the OGX stall gave me some sample packs of the Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner and the Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner.

The Sea Mineral Moisture combines a few of the Seas gems & the Coconut Water hydrates your Hair from the outside in,coating it in weightless Coconut Oil (oooooh  i do love a little Coconut) :P
The Sea Mineral Moisture isn't Vegan as it contains Sea Algae, i'll give that one to my sister to try, but i will try out the Coconut Water & get back to you with how i get on with it :)

They had a few Food stalls too. I found a few Natural Drinks which i picked up. First one was this Jax Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water with Banana. This juice gave me a lovely natural Hydration & was very refreshing!! I wasn't keen on the Banana flavour at first, but after a few sips i was hooked! I wish i picked one up & bought it home now :P This Drink combines 100% natural Coconut water with fresh real Banana. really yummy! They also had a Chocolate flavour!! yummmm
visit to read more about Jax Coco. 

Another Drink i got was a Fentimans Victorian Lemonade  I have talked about the Cherry Cola Fentimans before on my Blog, i have always wanted to try the Lemonade. There was a stand by Liz Earl who were giving away Cookies & Drinks, so as i thought the Cookies may have egg in them, i went for the Drink. 

This Drink was extremely sweet & refreshing, a lovely pop of Freshness! You could taste subtle Ginger in there along with natural extracts. 

I am so pleased that i won the chance to go to the first ever UK Beautycon & meet so many influential people, especially Niomi & Karissa.
I really hope you like this Blog post. I know its a little different from what i usually do, but as it was a fun day out, i thought i would Blog about it and hopefully explain what Beautycon is.

I wrote this post mainly because of Niomi who is on a Plant base Diet/Vegan & sharing some of the Products that were advertising at Beautycon!

Please comment if you have any questions , i'll be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)

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My birthday Recipes coming very soon....

Holly Jade


  1. I didn't realise Niomi was also on a plant based diet! I've recently jumped on the bandwagon, so will definitely be checking her channel out for inspiration. Great post by the way, I was at beautycon too!
    -Nishi x

    1. Thankyou for your comment! Its worth checking out Niomis Channel as she has some great recipes & fashion videos :)
      Im glad you like my post, did you meet any youtubers at beauty con? :)

  2. For anyone who is a fan of beauty, it’s a must-go event!

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