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Monday, 8 June 2015

Frank Protein Snack Bars

The Frank Company co is a company who make delicious snack bars which is co-founded by Former Everton Footballer Neil Robinson! He started this company as he was fed up with Snacks/Foods on the Market which were labelled as Healthy, but are far from it, so he decided (as he likes Fitness & Health) to start his own Company.

The Bars are a FreeFrom product as they are 100% Natural, Gluten, Nut, Soya, Dairy-free & contain NO additives, Preservatives, Salts, or nasty Chemicals. 

They are made with Wholemeal Gluten-free Oats, juicy Fruits & moorish Dairy-free Coconut Cream Chocolate.

The Frank Bars are Suitable for Vegan *yay*

They are Handcrafted with Ingredients from around the World to make them the most delicious they can be! 

Frank bars are available in 5 yummy Flavours-
-Blueberry & Chocolate
-Oat & Chocolate
-Strawberry & Chocolate
-Orange & Chocolate
-Double Chocolate

I was very kindly sent all 5 of Frank Bars to taste & review!

These Bars have a delightful Fudgey texture. They are very Rich in taste & don't lack flavour at all!
They have the same texture throughout, but each Bar has its own scrumptious flavour! 

I really enjoyed the Chocolate Orange. You can really taste the juicy Orange Oil & Cocoa, just like a actual Chocolate Orange Bar!!!! Its a great Chocolate Bar alternative, perfect for a Mid-afternoon snack. 

The Blueberry & Strawberry Bar is really lovely chopped up for Breakfast in Granola & Almond Milk. It has a delicious Fruity flavour, as well as giving the Breakfast an interesting texture. Really exciting to wake up too!

I am a huge Chocolate fan (like everybody) and have really fallen deeply in love with the Double Chocolate Bar! It tastes almost like a Chocolate Cake or Brownie, totally indulgent! Wonderful nibbled on after Dinner as its a healthy Snack dessert! You could even break them up & have them with some Dairy-free Ice-cream or Yogurt.


Why not take Frank for a Picnic. These Bars are a great addition to your Picnic Basket, especially now its Summer & the suns Shining. You could also couple it up with my Strawberry Lemonade. I'll link that Recipe Below-

You don't even have to have a picnic to enjoy a rich & scrummy Frank Bar, you could pop one in your Bag when you go Shopping for a quick boost of Energy & flavour. This saves on Snacking on un-healthy convenience food.

Frank Bars contain EnergySmart®, making them the perfect Pre-Workout & post Workout Snack! 
These will slowly release Energy to get the most out of your Work out session, just pop one in your Gym bag and your set to go :)
EnergySmart® is a patented, natural combination of Carbohydrates, taken from Fruits which in the Bars, are combined with specially developed natural dextrine from grain. An super source of quick Energy. 

The Frank Bars are rich in Fibre. The Benifits of Fibre are very important for your body. It is great for helping your intestines move faster, Cleans your Colon, helps you go to the Toilet more regular & slows the rate of Sugar absorbed into your Bloodstream. 

Frank Bars are a good source of Protein. One 35g bar contains 4 Grams of Protein.

Protein is very important in your Diet (especially a Vegan Diet). The bar contains Pea Protein. Pea Protein is a food supplement with no taste which gives complete Amino acids to give a high Protein content.

Protein is an essential Nutrient & is part of every living cell. It helps build Body Tissue & making important Hormones. The Body's structural components such as Nails, Skin, Bones, Muscles & Organs are made-up of protein.

A lot of the time, being on a Vegan Diet, the Hair can get effected due to the lack of concentration of Protein in the Diet so these Bars go to make up part of your Dietary Protein Requirements.
Half of the Dietary Protein that you consume in a day goes into making Enzymes. Enzymes do specific jobs in the body e.g.: helps to break down your Food. 

You could also break these Bars up into little Chunks and add them as decoration to Cupcakes/Cakes....sounds really yummy! :D

You could pop one in your Childs Pack Lunch Box as an extra energy Boost, ready for the school day ahead.

Its good to know Frank has you covered & saves your rumbling, hungry tummy! 

All The Frank Food co Bars are unique & the perfect Healthy Snack and are worth tracking down & grabbing!!!
 Very lovely packaged products. Each flavour has it own corresponding colour packet, which is a great idea if you are in a hurry & want to grab your favourite flavour! Nice for a tasty treat for yourself or a gift :) 

You can buy all of these products i have talked about and MORE on The Frank Food co's Website-
Thank you to The Frank* Food Company for supporting my Blog, and kindly sending me these yummy Treats! They will most definitely be enjoyed(in moderation) !!! :)
Such a Great company and i will continue to enjoy their products! 

More Reviews of Vegan Products & Birthday Recipes coming very Soon... :)
Holly x


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    1. Aww thank you, that means so much to me! I hope you enjoy my content :) x


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