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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Lola's Cupcakes

Lola's Cupcakes is a Bakery that makes a delicious range of Cupcakes, Cakes for Special Occasions, Cheesecakes & Layer Cakes.
Every Cupcake & Cake is freshly Baked using the finest of ingredients, and decorated stunningly (like a piece of Art) to make it Fun, indulgent & a yummy flavourful experience. 

I got in contact with Lola's Cupcakes as it was my Birthday on June 14th & i was looking for Vegan Cakes. I am extremely pleased that Lola's Cupcakes have 3 absolutely moorish Vegan Cakes available in Wheat-free Chocolate, Strawberry and Coconut & Passionfruit and Coconut. 

I just have to say Lola's Cupcakes are NOT a Vegan Company but they do cater for Vegans & people with Dietary requirements which is excellent! 
My family & I went down into London (for a nice day trip out) but mainly to go into Selfridges on Oxford Street & pick up a box of 6 Cupcakes (2 of each delightful flavour) which they kindly set up for me to try, to review here on my Blog :)
These are the 3 Vegan Cupcakes! These Cakes are beautifully made with gentle care & attention. 
All 3 Cupcakes have a thick swirl of Moose like Frosting. It is extremely creamy, smooth, melts in you mouth!

The Strawberry flavour tastes delicious! The Cupcake is a light Vanilla flavour with a hint of tropical Coconut. The Juicy Strawberry seeps into the Frosting making it moist & juicy.  Wrapped in a gorgeous Gold Case, its a perfect treat for a birthday, just pop a Candle in & the birthday Girl/Boy will be wanting to dive right in! :D
I had no idea, but hidden in the centre of these Cakes, is a light & fluffy filling which is a nice added flavourful surprise.

All these Cupcakes have a individual flavour. I really enjoyed the Wheat-free Chocolate as its Dark, Rich and Creamy. Its a very indulgent Cupcake, perfect for Cake lovers & especially Choc-o-holics. 

The Passion Fruit was a pleasant surprise. The Frosting is sweet with a Tangy kick from the  juicy Passionfruit Seeds. Again this Cake is very moist (as you can see from the photo above) & absolutely delicious! 
It has a really nice fruity aftertaste, and leaves you wanting more!!! 


I really enjoyed the experience of going into Selfridges in London, & picking up these delightful treats! 
Lola's Concession stand in the Food hall, was very easy to find & looked beautiful in pastel colours. It is a very clean environment (as it would be in Selfridges) & is extremely vibrant & lively. 

The Staff were ever so friendly & helpful which made the experience even better! There was a lot of people of all ages, purchasing some outstanding looking treats! 

The desserts & Cakes are presented beautifully in a glass case so you can pick & choose which ones you would like. 
Even better, in front of each product there is a little note which states any Allergens! This is great for you to check yourself!

The staff obviously value & care for their customers as they are very accommodating & friendly. They show enthusiasm & interest in their job, which makes the purchasing experience quite special. I've never had such a nice warm welcome.  

Liz, the Marketing Manager for Lola's Cupcakes has been extremely helpful & responded really quickly & well to my contact to the company. I really appreciate this customer care! 

I decided to make some extra-speical additions to my Photos. For my birthday, i was gifted the Beautiful Pink Cake stand from Waitrose & was very excited to use it in this posts Photography.
This stand was £15.00. Its still available in Store, so pop in & pick one up..its soooo pretty!

 When in Selfridges, i picked up some Pastel Paper Placemats by Meri Meri from the Dining area. These are going to make a lot of appearances in my Blog so keep a look out for those. They were £11.95, pricy but you get 24 Placemats & they are gorgeous.

As you may know from reading my Blog post, i like to online Shop at Ocado. If you don't know what Ocado is, i will link to my Ocado post below-

From Ocado decided to pick up a Silicone Spoon Mould and had a really good idea for this Blog post. I melted Vegan Moo free Chocolate & added in some yummy Crushed Hazelnut bits, popped them in the freezer to set & hey presto  chocolate spoons!  They taste just like a  Ferrero Rocher (but Vegan)
They look fantastic in my Photographs which some chopped Strawberries on top. I am really pleased with how cute & well these Photos have turned out. 
They would be great also in Desserts and melted into Hot Drinks as a fun little extra.

You can pick up this Mould here-

The Cupcakes gave me a pretty easy job because they are very Photo-gentic & i really enjoyed doing this Blog post/review, taking Photos & especially eating the Cakes!!!!!! 


You can enjoy Cakes if you have them occasionally and maintain a Healthy, Balanced, Nutritional Diet. :)


Thankyou so much Lola's Cupcakes for supporting my Blog! A great company to review and i will continue to enjoy their products! 

Check out Lola's Cupcakes on their stunning & mouth-watering Website- WARNING...this website will make you very hungry :)

Discover Lola's Cupcakes-

If you would like to Order cupcakes or a Special occasion, or just to nibble on, i have linked their Website below with all information & advice- 

You can find Lola's Cupcakes in these Stores-

I really hope you liked this Post, and remember to follow me on Ingrastam, Twitter & Facebook for Updates :)

More Reviews of Vegan Products & recipes coming very Soon... :)
Holly x

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