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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Protein Banana Smoothie

Vegan, Dairy-free, De-lightful!
I really love waking up to a Banana Smoothie. Smoothies are so quick & easy, and are perfect for a quick tasty Breakfast/ filling Drink.
This Drink is great for the kiddies to make (especially during the half term, as its very simple, full of goodness & fun to make)

-2 medium ripe Bananas 
-1 Tablespoon of Protein Powder (I like to use Pea Protein)
-Dairy-free Milk ( I used Unsweetened Soya Milk)
-1 1/2 Teapoons of Syrup ( I used Starbucks Caramel) Optional
-1 Teaspoon of Chia Seed
-1 Teaspoon of Linseed ( I used Brown, but golden is good too)
-Large Handful of Ice

You'll need a Food Blender!

Lets get blending.......

Step 1- Peel and break up your Bananas, and place them into your Blender.

Step 2- Pour the Dairy-free Milk over the Bananas. ( I pour enough milk to just cover the Bananas)

Step 3- Chuck in a large handful of Ice.

You could stop here, but as its a Protein Smoothie..

Step 4- Add in your Protein Powder, Chia Seeds & Linseed.
Pea Protein is a food Supplement. It is 100% Natural from the Yellow Peas (Pisum Satvium) It is great to rebuild Muscles, maintain Healthy growth of Hair & Nails and it has essential Amino Acid content. It doesn't really have a taste, so its perfect hidden within your Drink.

Step 4- Last of all pour 1 1/2 Teaspoon of your chosen Syrup into the Smoothie Mixture.

Pop on your lid & gently blend away until thick & creamy.

Pour into your favorite glass and sip away!

This Smoothie is great in Antioxidants & Nutrients. The Pea Protein will really give you a kick & make you feel energised (hence why i add in into my morning Smoothie) :)

Linseed has many health benefits, ranging from Lowering Cholesterol, improving Blood Sugar Levels, preventing Hot Flushes in Post-Menopausel Women... Its Low in Sugars and contains good Omega-3, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium..levels!!!

You can read up more about the contents of this Smoothie ( Chia Seeds ) in the link below talking about Protein for Healthy Hair-

The main honestly takes really good!!! Make it for your friends, summer event or to please your taste buds :)

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Holly Jade


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