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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Clothes Show 2015!

The Clothes Show is a yearly Fashion/Beauty Event which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.
There are live Catwalks, Food/Dining Places, Runway Shows, Celebrity Meet & greet opportunities and a lot of Stalls check out their goodies.
Find out more about the Clothes Show on their website linked below-

I have been to the Clothes Show for the last few years, and this year i was pleasantly surprised that there was some Vegan and Cruelty-free Brands. I met some lovely and likeminded people.

I have always wanted to sponsor an Animal and do more for Charity, and there was an opportunity to Sponsor a Cat *yay*. 
 The Charity present at the Clothes Show was the Cat protection. They were advertising and getting support for their very worthwhile charity.
I couldn't walk away without helping one of the beautiful Kitty's so i sponsored an adorable Cat named Ringo!
It is only £2.00 a week, which if you think about it, is less than the price of 1 Starbucks Coffee so it is very affordable!
I received an information pack containing details about the Charity and the cutest little Kitten Plushy (which i have given to my Cat Tiggs to play with)

It really feels amazing to help an animal in need, so you can also sponsor your own cat by visiting the cat protection website linked below-

There was some great products to be bought. 
First i came across Mintycoco which is a natural teeth whitening company. They use Cold Pressed Coconut Oil infused with Peppermint Oil for a natural and effective way to tackle Bacteria and Plaque in your mouth, as well as leaving you with a beautiful, bright and clean Smile  :D
The method used is called Oil Pulling. This is explained on their website as:
''oil pulling is an ancient detoxification technique that started in India as oil gargling thousands of years ago
it's an incredibly easy and effective way to naturally whiten your teeth whilst keeping your mouth fresh and healthy at the same time
our proprietary blend of cold pressed virgin coconut oil and fresh peppermint essence provides a tasty alternative to traditional oils used for oil pulling
coconut oil has amazing antibacterial properties and with high levels of naturally occurring lauric acid it does a great job of killing bad bacteria, viruses and fungi in your mouth''
I was really excited about this product as i love anything Natural. The owner of MintyCoco was extremely helpful and informative. I will be writing more about their products and company in the near future so keep an eye out for the Post, and i will be testing out/reveiwing their product.Here is their website if you want to check them out.

The next Cruelty-Free company/Stall i came across was called Boozi Body care.
Boozi Body Care is Award Winning and makes Cocktail inspired Body Washes which honestly smell amazing!
 Again the staff were very helpful. The owner of the Company was lovely and told me all about the company and how it got started. She informed me that all their products are Vegetarian as they use Beeswax in some of their products but they have a few Vegan products including the Bodywash which is their best Vegan seller.

If you are interested in checking them out here is their website.

The founder of Karma Feeling,  which is an Ethical Lifestyle Brand was at the show making some stunning jewellery. Karma Feeling also make Aromatic Luxurious Eco/Soy Candles and Organic Clothing.
The Candles are hand-poured using 100% Soy Wax which is natural. 
The Oils and Fragrances used are Vegan and haven't been Tested on Animals!!! They are also Parabens free.
The Scents available are
-Meditation (Inag Champa)
-Havana (Cuban Tobacco and Oak)
-Uplifting (Amber and Bergemot)
-Sensuality (Tuberose)

Here is the website if you wish to check them out, but i will be writing more about them on my Blog soon :)

I was so excited to see my favourite makeup brush company at the show. Spectrum had a beautiful and inviting stand. I love the pastel shades and design of this company. 
I managed to get my hands on the stunning Glam Clam which i have drooled over for a while!
The staff were so helpful and approachable.I just posted my review talking about the GLAM CLAM. Check out the post here-

I really love this company. They have quality products and I'm sure anyone would love to have them sitting on their dressing table (as they are super cute)

Check out Spectrum here- 

I found a Stall called Konjac Sponges

Firsty, what is a Konjac Sponge?
It is 100% Natural and made from Vegetable fibres of the Konjac (Konnyaku, which is a Perennial plant grown in Asia) The Konjac Sponge has been used for more than 100 years in Japan, as its known for its extremely smooth & gentle texture. Konjac is 97% Water, rich in Minerals, natural Alkaline and is PH Neutral, which is fantastic for the Skin. This company carried the Vegan Society and the leaping Bunny (which fights against Animal Cruelty)
This company has some amazing Products for all different types of Skin types e.g: Oily, Dry,Acne Proned, Damaged, Mature,Tired, Combination, Sensitive....
There are many different types of Sponges- Facial, Bath, Baby Bath, Travel & Sports, Gentleman and even a Sponge for your Dog.
This company won the CEW Beauty Awards 2015.
When i tested one of the Sponges whilst at the Clothes Show, my Skin felt instantly Soft, Supple & Clean.
The owner of the Company kindly gifted me a couple of Sponges specific to my Skin type (which is Dry)

I will be writing a Blog post on how i get on with them. This looks to be a great company and i really look forward to giving them a go! 

You can check out Konjac's website below for more information & products- 

Half way through the day i fancied a Coffee ( as i always do :P ), Starbucks was inside the NEC, but i decided to try out the Artisan Espresso Cafe, which i have never used before.
 They had the option to make your drink soya and customise it to your liking.
I chose an iced soya espresso latte and as you can see by the photo below it was extremely creamy and delicious. I would highly recommend the cafe.  
I always enjoy going to the Clothes Show as its a fun and exciting day out, but this year was by far my favourite year as i got to meet some amazing people and get the opportunity to try out some new Vegan Products and sponsor a adorable Kitty Cat <3

I hope you like this post. 
I would like to see more Vegan/Cruelty-free companies at next Years Clothes Show Live...fingers crossed!

Its short & sweet, but there are some amazing companies you should try out and i will be writing more in detail about these companies very soon so keep an eye out for the Blog Posts.

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Holly Jade


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