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Monday, 14 December 2015

Ethical Superstore

Im sure we all love a little online Shopping from time to time?!
What is Ethical Superstore?
Ethical Superstore supplies Ethical Gifts from Fashion, Home & Garden and Grocery. They have a wide range of products from all different types of Brands.You can explore their range of Fair-trade, Vegan, organic and Eco-Friendly products on their Website. They have a fantastic range of Ethical Christmas gifts to get you in the festive spirit. As its coming upto Christmas, i know personally and from Friends and Family, its much easier & less hassle to order products & Groceries Online.
They have a 4.8 Star rating from over 2050 Customers! Thats vey impressive! They are also FSC Certified (FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which is an international organisation that promotes responsible stewardship of the worlds forests) and they have been Awarded the Ekomi(Europe's largest Independent provider of Reviews & ratings) Gold Seal of Approval! 

You can check out their Website here-
I have a selection of Vegan goodies to share with you that Ethical Superstore supply. 
All of the products below are 100% Vegan.
All of the products i mention in this post would be a perfect Stocking filler this Christmas!

As you may be able to tell from reading my Blog, i do have a slight sweet tooth...
Ethical Superstore have a great selection of Sweets & Chocolates which are Dairy-free/Vegan.
They stock a wide range of Brands from Luxurious brands such as Booja Booja to fun Candy sweets from The Jealous life...
Booja Booja
Booja Booja is one of my favourite Luxury Chocolate Brands!
Their Chocolate is 100% Dairy-free, Soya-free, Gluten-free and Organic. They are beautifully hand crafted and are made with delectable Cocoa Beans from the Dominican Republic. 
Booja Booja also have a range of Ice-cream alternatives ,along with their exquisite range of Chocolate Truffles.
The Chocolate Truffles come in a variety of flavours-
The Four Corners Collection
Fine de Champagne Box
The Speical Edition Gift Collection
The Gourmet Selection
Easter Collection
The Artists Collection
All of these Truffles come beautifully packaged in Individual Paper Cases and a lovely Box to match!My favourites are the HalzletNut Chocolate Truffles as i love the creaminess of the rich Chocolate with a slight Crunch from the Yummy Hazelnut peices.These Chocolates are a little more expensive than your usual Vegan Supermarket brands, but they are totally worth the indulgence!These would make great Presents or Stocking Fillers for loved ones/Friends.

You can purchase Booja Booja Truffles from Ethical Superstore.

You can find stockists near you here-
The Jealous Life
The Jealous life is a confectionary company who create ''irresistible, enticing sweeties, set out to tantalise the tastebuds of Adults all around the world with their Jealous Sweets''.The Sweets contain No Artificial Colours, Flavours, Alcohol and are Gluten-free and suitable for Vegans/Vegetarians. They are full of Natural Fruit Juices.There are 9 different Jewel Boxes in their Range. The Sweets come in a range of mouth-watering Flavours, exciting shapes and sizes. 
You can buy 50gram Boxes with Sweets like Yummy Bear, Fizzy Friends, Wild Cherries, Grizzly Bears, Sour Beans, Tangy Worms.... or you can buy 200gram Gift Boxes called:
-The Sweet Revolution (Grizzly Bears and Tangy Worms)
-Sweet Magic (Yummy Bears and Fizzy Friends)
-Sweet Adventures (Sour Beans and Tangy Worms)I have really been enjoying the Sweet Magic Box as i love Gummy Bears and they come in juicy Fruity flavours
and the Sugary Worms come in-
-Peach & Apricot
-Grapefruit & Orange
-Lemon & Apple
The Sweets come packaged in Graphic, Fun and Colourful Boxes with the Sweeties packaged in Mini Bags to keep them Fresh, for Sharing or to keep in your Bag for a cheeky Sweet Snack *yum yum*The Jealous Life products are not too expensive and would make a Great Stocking Filler this Christmas or for Birthdays.

You can purchase The Jealous Life Sweets from Ethical Superstore-
You can also Buy these from their Website, linked below-
Sugar Sin
Sugar sin is a Sweet Company based in London, Covent Garden.
They are not a Vegan Company but produce some Vegan Sweets called The Happy Jelly Collection. They include Sour Shots,Caramel Fizz and Wild Hearts Jellies. 
They are 100% Natural, Gluten free, and Gelatine free with No Palm Oil and Suitable for Vegans *yay*These jellies are tasty little treasures. I loved the sour shots which have a real peach and strawberry juice topped off with sour sugar crystals.These would be great as a special Christmas gift for the sweet tooth, or for a stocking filler. Or if you fancy a cheeky little treat for yourself. Me and my Sister took an instant liking and they were gone in no time! :P

You can buy The Jealous Sweets here on Ethical Superstores Website-
I do love a little Chocolate from time to time. I have been really enjoying The IQ SuperFood Chocolate & the Giant Vego Bar!
IQ SuperFood
IQ Superfood is a Chocolate company which create Chocolates with Health Benefits! What could be better!!??
The Chocolates contains Raw and Organic Criollo (which is a rare and revered Bean)
They do NOT add any Chemicals, refined Sugars, Artificial Additives or Artificial Ingredients to their Products. They only use Ingredients which have been Ethically Grown.The Chocolate is said to improve your Mood, Maintain Healthy Growth of Hair, Skin & Bones and give you more Energy & Strength!
The Chocolate is Vegan,Dairy-free, Soya-free, Organic, Natural, Nut-free, Gluten-free and low on the GI (Glycemic Index).

I love the packaging of the IQ Chocolate, as it provides you with a lot of Information about the Journey from Bean to Bar to the whole range of Products from the awesome Company.
There are many different flavours to choose from-
-Raw Chocolate
-Orange & Raspberry
-Cocoa Nib Crunch
I tasted the Plush Peppermint Bar which contains 72% Peruvian Cocoa. This is a really minty Chocolate Bar with added Benefits and at 197 Calories is even more appealing! :)

These would be great as a healthy but cheeky stocking filler.

You can buy IQ Superfoods here on Ethical Superstores Website-
or you can also Buy these from their Website, linked below-
Vego is a German based Chocolate Bar with chunky Whole Hazelnuts *drools* 
This Bar is a huge 150gram, perfect for a Choc-O-holic! Its Dairy-free, Organic, Fair-trade and gluten-free.....and extremely tasty!
As you can see by the photo above, this Bar is cram packed with Whole Hazelnuts. The texture of the Crunchy Nuts with the Thick & Creamy Chocolate is honestly Heavenly!

I couldn't find much Information about Vego or a Website of the Company that makes Vego Chocolate, but you can buy this from Ethical Superstore linked below.
Vego Mini and 150gram both have a 5 Star rating, so its worth trying them out!

Happy Shopping!

Discover Ethical Superstore here-

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  1. ooh this looks fab! I accidentally found out that one of the presents in my stocking this year is the booja booja hazelnut truffles-I can't wait to try them! x

    1. your in for a sweet surprise! The Booja Booja Truffles are heavenly! just one tip....don't share :P x

  2. I love these but i will have to save my money in order to buy them- living on a budget issues :


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