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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Original Source Cherry & Nettle Shower Gel!

Before i get started with this Product review, i want to let you guys know that i already have a blog post talking about Original Source, the company & products so check it out for more information-
Original Source make delightful & exciting Showergels & Body Products which are cram packed full of Intense power & natural sensational scents, as well as quality products.
Original Source are proud to carry the Vegan Trademark on their bottles. They do NOT test on Animals nor do they contain Animal Products.

I am over the moon i got my hands on their Limited Edition Wild Cherry & Nettle Shower Gel!

This Shower Gel is 100% Vegan, Natural and very inviting!
 It contains a tempting mix of powerful Ingredients ( Cherry Leaf & Nettle Leaf Extract) that will invigorate your morning shower, who wouldn't want that?!

I used this Shower Gel this morning and i have to has a great, creamy texture which is perfect to lather up and create some awesome bubbles.
It soaked up well into my Skin and left me smelling like a Fresh, Cherry Sweetie, which is great as its always good for a lovely scent to linger!
The Colour of the Gel is a rich Purple with hints of Pink....

This Product was actually made/picked by YOU! It was voted for on Facebook from Original Source fans from all around the world! This scent was the winner out of a few others scents and i am sure they will be flying off the shelves (as they smell amazing!)

I have added Original Sources website underneath if you would like to check out these products for yourself, but be warned, you will want a lot! I assure you :D
Original Source Link -->
Thankyou so much to the lovely people over at Original Source for sending me this Shower Gel to try out :D 
I hope this helps anyone struggling with choices of Vegan Beauty products!

If you like, you can follow Original source on Social media to find out first their new products-

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Holly Jade

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  1. It is very rare to find such kind of shower gel, which is purely organic. i would to purchase it as i have sensitive skin. Thanks.


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