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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Vegan & Gluten-free at StoneBaked Pizza Company!

Just honest Pizza, nothing to hide! 
Isn't it a Pain, when your Friends & Family want to go out to Dinner but you're stuck wondering whats on the Menu that you can eat!? I know i get this a lot!
I love eating out, but becoming vegan (with my Intolerance's as well) it has become 100% harder to find places that suit my Diet.
I have been out and about and have been finding a few places that do Great Vegetarian/Vegan food, and places that cater for Intolerance's!
'The Stone Baked Pizza company' you probably guessed a Pizza company, which are not like any other Pizza company. They allow you to create your own Pizza, exactly how you want it! You can add as many toppings as you like at no extra charge! (now thats what i like to hear)
I recently visited Stonebaked Pizza company with my family in the Highcross,Leicestershire as i heard they make Pizzas with Gluten-free Bases and Vegan Cheese?!!!
I decided i would go along and try it out. 
First of all the staff were very helpful and friendly. They changed their gloves straightaway which is always a must as it prevents any cross contamination. You can either choose one of their Signature Pizzas from their Menu or create your own, just how you like it! 
I asked for a Gluten free base and i had a choice of various toppings.
There was a vast variety of yummy toppings which i will list below-
- Mushrooms
-Red Onion
-Caramelised onion
-Fresh Jalapeños
-Fresh Basil
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Roasted Peppers

I ordered a Gluten-free Base Pizza with Classic Red Pizza Sauce, with Spinach, Rocket, Jalapeños  Sweetcorn, Tomatos, Peppers with Vegan Cheese!
(as you can see in the photos above)

You can check out the full menu here-

This was my first time eating Vegan Cheese in a Resturant/Diner, and it exceeded my expectation. 
The Pizza was Stone baked and was obviously thin & crispy, it tasted very fresh & flavourful and the Cheese was delicious! I also added a cheeky dash of Oregano & Chilli Flakes to give my slices a little extra kick! 
I asked one of the staff what Vegan cheese they used and was advised that it was a Potato Starch based Cheese.
I will most definitely go back to The Stone baked Pizza Co when i visit Leicester again!
I highly recommend this Restaurant! 
There was a great atmosphere and the interior the Restaurant is very Clean & modern!

You can keep up to date with Stonebaked Pizza Co on social media-

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Holly x



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