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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Maui & Sons | Taste the Tropics

Maui & Sons is a Surf based company, selling a range of Skater & Surfer clothing & accessories, including Surf Boards (i wish i was cool enough to own...and use one), as well as some yummy snacks!

You can read up on how they first started the company here-

The Companies products are sold in over 100 countries around the world! 
Its Headquatres are in the beautiful Malibu, USA.
Their Snacks are 100% Vegan and 100% Natural, including their light & refreshing Coconut Water.
I love Coconut! As you may have been able to see if you read my Blog, i have been using Coconut in almost every baking recipe.

 Health Benefits on Coconut-
Coconut is said to have a quick energy boost, it improves digestion, reducing cravings for sweet foods, is low on the Glycemic index, improves Heart health, high in dietary fibre and helps prevent obesity. These are just a handful of the many benefits of Coconut.
I will do more of a detailed blog post about Coconuts in the near future, so keep an eye out!
Maui & Sons have searched the globe for the tastiest, sweetest & most mouth watering Coconuts, selecting only premium Coconuts from Farms in Thailand. All Products bought from Maui & Sons goes to supporting Local Farming communities of Thailand.
The Coconuts they choose are cram packed full of Nutrients and Antioxidants which help to boost energy levels and stamina. 
They are Gluten-free as well as containing No Preservatives and NEVER FRIED!
These Little Chips are a tasty snack and can be very versatile. 
You can enjoy them as a snack as they are, sprinkle over desserts/Breakfasts or a tasty topping for any dish. 

As you can see by the Photos below, the Coconut Chips have been lightly toasted which really brings out the flavour as well as giving each Chip a satisfying CRUNCH!  The Ingredients are Coconut, with a dash of Sugar and nasties hidden!

If you prefer an extra bit of Indulgence, whilst still eating a healthy snack, why not try the Dark Chocolate coated Coconut Chips.
 These Chips are exactly the same as the Chips above, but have been lightly coated in a delicious Dairy-free Chocolate coating. *drools*
They contain No Cholesterol, NO GMO and they are Vegan & Gluten-free!
These Chips are a great alternative to sugar filled Snacks, as you get the Sweetness from the Chocolate & Coconut, as well as the health benefits of the Coconut. 
I personally love how the Chocolate melts in your mouth, leaving you with a crunchy and tasteful Coconut Chip.
Again these are very versatile and can be used as a snack or on Desserts/Breakfasts.
They could also be sprinkled onto smoothies & Pancakes 
(Check out my Pancake Day Pancakes, with a light dusting of these Chocolatey treats!!!!)
(Banana Pancakes, with Soya Cream, Maple, Raspberries & Coconut Chips)
Find my Pancake Recipe here-

The Ingredients are Coconut Chips(Coconut, Sugar & Salt), Dark Chocolate Compound which is made from Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Powder, Soya based Lecithin and Vanilla flavouring.
These Chips come in 40g, Re-sealable packs which are very handy to keep in your bag for a cheeky, yet healthy nibble. 
Their Coconut Water is very refreshing, especially when served chilled with ice & a slice of Lemon ( yum yum!!!)
This Juice is a healthier alternative to other Sugar-filled/Artificially sweetened Drinks and its also packed full of Anti-Oxydents & Nutrients.
It states on their website, that the Coconut Water contains Electrolytes to help re-hydrate your body and makes a perfect emery-boosting, Natural Drink.

It is 100% Natural, nothing added just the Water from inside a Tropical Coconut! 
The Water comes in a 250ml Can, which is a great size to keep in your Gym Bag, in your Handbag for a light & refreshing sip.

As well as the Devine products, i love the Packaging! The Blues & Greens are very eye-catching which makes you feel like your in the breathtaking Tropics. 

You can purchase the products i have talked about above, plus MORE on Maui & Sons Website linked below-

You can also grab a bag at Primark (near the tills) :D 
If anyone knows anywhere else that sells these products, let me know and i will list it!

Discover Maui & Sons on Social Media-

Thankyou so much for the lovely people over at Maui & Sons for sending me these tasty snacks to try out!
I will definitely be purchasing some more!

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  3. Any idea where the vegetable fat in the chocolate-covered coconut chips comes from? Could it be hydrogenated?


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