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Thursday, 24 March 2016

MOTD Cosmetics

MOTD Cosmetics are a Cruelty-free Makeup Brush company, based in the USA! 
In 2015 MOTD launched their 100% Vegan and Eco-friendly line, which have been certified by PETA!!!
As it states on their website-
''We promote, support, and show compassion towards the love we have for animals''

The Brushes are made with Taklon, which is a Synthetic Fibre known to be kind to your Skin, good for Makeup application and No Animals are harmed in the process....which is a MAJOR attraction to these beautiful Brushes.
Taklon Fibres actually allow you to apply your makeup with less Streaking! 

The Brushes come in Rose Gold and Black which look and feel very Luxurious, with quality Bristles which are ultra soft and leave Skin feeling gorgeous & cared for.

If you are interested in purchasing any products from MOTD, then i have something to put a smile on your face!
You can SAVE 10% on your ENTIRE purchase when you shop at!
Just Enter the discount code 'HOLLY' at the checkout!

Each Brush has its own quirky name, which is a lovely touch.
I have listed the names below-
-Pick up Line (Fine Liner)
-Just Browsing (Flat Definer)
-Beauty & the Base (for Foundation/Primers)
-Streight to the Point (for eye liner)
-Miss Shady Lady (for Eye shadow)
-Eye catching crease (Accentuate and define)
-Supermodel Sculpt (for Contouring)
-Get Cheeky with it (for Blusher)
-The Pigment packer (small shader)
-Blending Bestie (for Blending)
-Mr Handy man (Large Shader)
-No fudge, just smudge (for Smudging)
-Set & go (for Powder)
-Conceal your secret (for Concealer)

Even though each Brush has its own specific purpose, they are very versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Eg-

I have used Miss Shady Lady for applying Concealer and for adding Highlights to my Cheeks! Its very similar to Conceal your Secret! 

The People working behind the scenes at MOTD have a exciting & far reaching mission.
Their Mission
How will they do it? How will MOTD accomplish their mission? 
Take a look at their goal listed below-
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Gather reviews from customers
  • Have a strong affiliate team
  • Work with other brands to promote each other
  • Network
  • Grow and build relationships with businesses + likeminded people
  • Only work with those who believe in the brand and genuinely want to help
  • Have a team that helps MOTD grow
  • Work with local businesses 
  • Work with local animal shelters
  • Give back to the community and donate
  • Blog posts
  • Gather reviews from beauty bloggers
  • Market through social media
  • Build relationships with new/existing customers
  • Stay consistent with e-mailers
  • Participate in events
  • Affordable high quality makeup brushes
  • Raise awareness on the importance of being cruelty free
  • Team up with people that share the same values and beliefs
  • Tap into the vegan and cruelty free market through advertising
  • In book and online placements
  • Sell to beauty supply stores, commerce stores, large retail chains.

I have recently had the opportunity to be an Affiliate with this wonderful company and join a lovely team of Vegan & likeminded Beauty Lovers!

I have kindly been sent 3 Makeup Brushes to review-
-Beauty and the Base
-Miss Shady Lady
-Eye Catching Crease

All 3 of these Brushes are incredibly soft, but are firm/dense and makes stippling & blending very easy...with no loose Hairs that can sometimes happen with lower quality brushes & Animal Hair!
These Brushes are safe to use on Sensitive Skin(which is great as i have very sensitive Skin) & Contact lens wearers and leaves a lovely Air brush finish to Skin and leaves you with a glamours look, anytime of the day! Which is always a bonus!!!

These Brushes can take any Makeup formula from Powders to Liquids and it won't harm/effect the Bristles in any way.

They make the perfect, Makeup bag essential and would be a lovely gift for a Beauty lover or a special treat for yourself!

Retail Price of Beauty & the Base- $16.00

Retail Price of Miss Shady Lady- $12.00

Retail Price of Eye Catching Crease- $12.00

How to clean your MOTD Brushes the right way!
Wash brush with warm water and work a pea sized amount of mild baby shampoo into bristles. Rise brush and squeeze out excess water. Be careful not to pull or tug on bristles. Do not submerge makeup brush into water this will weaken the glue between the ferrule and handle. Shape your face brushes using the brush nets it came with. Re-shape your eye brushes by hand. Set aside and let it dry for 4-6 hours.

All of these products & more can be found on MOTD's Website-

I really love MOTD as a company and will continue to use & love their as the company :)

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Holly Jade

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