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Saturday, 2 July 2016

My Dairy-free Dream

Taste the DREAM
My Dairy-free Dream are a company who have created delicious and 'dreamy' Dairy-free & Vegan friendly Icecream and Milk alternatives! 
As stated on their website:
"We deliver a complete range of good for you dairy alternatives, all made with wholesome ingredients. They’re nutritious and loaded with flavour – so you will enjoy every sip and savour every bite."

The Dream Milk collection:
-Chilled Rice dream
-Chilled Oat dream
-Organic Oat dream
-Almond dream
-Rice dream Original
-Organic Rice dream
-Organic Rice dream with Vanilla
-Rice dream with Chocolate
-Rice dream with Praline & Hazlenut
-Coconut dream

'Dream drinks are a great match for your healthy life style. Naturally lactose, dairy, gluten and soy-free with a great taste, no added sugars and low in fat.'

The Dream Ice-cream collection:
-Salted Caramel 
-Mint chocolate chip
-Velvety Vanilla 

'Enjoy a delicious, smooth and creamy ice cream made from real almonds. Taste the Dream and discover how delicious almond-based ice cream can be.'

My favorite Ice-cream is the delicious Salted Caramel which is an Award winner by 'Healthy living awards 2015'
It's very rich and luxurious. It has swirls of Caramel in which is a tasty & sweet surprise! I can imagine this will be a delightful addition at Christmas time paired with a Mince pie! YUM

I have become a big fan of My Dairy-free dream products, and i think there a great & really tastyalternative to dairy! Plus, as they are Wheat-free. Even Coeliac sufferers can enjoy their delicious products!

My Dairyfree dream can be found in large supermarkets and online stores. 

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Holly Jade


  1. I tried the Almond Dream Salted Caramel Ice Cream the other dau and ohh my it is SO lush! I definitely want to try more of their products x

    1. I know right?!! I want to get my hands on the Mint choc chip, looks incredible! :) xx

  2. I bought it it tastes like digestive biscuits....which I don't like :(

    1. Oh no! It may be worth trying out their other flavours to see which one you like! :) x


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