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Friday, 23 September 2016

Vegan Chocolate

Hands up if you love chocolate! 
Well you'll love this award winning chocolate!!!

Moo Free is a Chocolate company based in the UK which sell Dairy-free Milk Chocolate Alternatives. 
They are Lactose free, Wheat-free, Egg-free, Gluten-free, No GM, Casein free, Vegetarian & Vegan! 
They are made from a mix of Cocoa, Sugar and rice as well as their many different yummy flavours! 
'They are also Organic'

The Moo free collection

Little chocolate bars flavours
-Orignal "milk" chocolate
-Bunnycomb (Honeycomb flavoured)

Large chocolate bars
The large chocolate bars contain whole peices of fruit, dried banana,hazlenut nibs...
Large bar flavours include:
-Hazlenut and cranberry
-Crunchy banana
-Origninal ''milk'' chocolate
-Orange with orange pearls
-Mint with mint pearls
-Caramelized hazelnut nibs


-Chocolate drops (mini chocolate buttons)

Easter egg flavours

-Bunnycomb (Honeycomb flavoured)
-Original "milk" chocolate

Check out their christmas collection here-
Moo free bring out seasonal products (eg advent calendars, easter-eggs...) and they are always super cute and perfect for any age to enjoy!
I enjoyed one of their Bunnycomb easter eggs this easter and it was SO good! 

The Moo free's Original chocolate bar was the first vegan chocolate i ever had when i first turned vegan! Since then, i have grown to love Moo free and they have quickly become one of my favourite vegan chocolate alternatives!
I love the creaminess of the chocolate without it containing any animal ingredients! 
My favourite flavours have to be Orange as i love chocolate orange! Another favourite of mine is the Banana bar as it contains real wedges of crunchy banana, its mouthwateringly good!
All of the bars i was sent are definitely worth tracking down and purchasing! Very lovely packaged products. Also the contents are super Moorish, Tempting and enjoyable.

I was kindly sent a few of Moo free's new products, including the choco drops & "milk" chocolate animal squares (as seen in the photographs!)
The Animal squares come in a pack of 4 and are adorable mini bars with the Moo free mascots.
The Choco drops are the perfect sized tiny treat! They would be great in baking and for decorating desserts.

You can buy all of these Bars i have talked about and MORE on Moo frees Website-

Thank-you Moo free for supporting my Blog, and sending my these yummy Treats! They will most definitely be enjoyed! :)
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products! 

Discover Moo Free-

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Holly Jade


  1. how have I only tried the bunny comb flavour of these?! oh my! I will have to give all of these other flavours a try asap x

    1. They are all so good! I love Bunnycomb but the Banana is SO tasty! you need to give it a try! :)


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