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Friday, 27 January 2017

Eisberg alcohol free wine | Dry January

"Looking for the great taste of your favourite wine, but without the calories or the morning-after feeling? The Uk’s number one alcohol free wine, Eisberg, is the perfect alternative for your favourite tipple."
I have been searching for alcohol free drinks, perfect for dry January and also as i don't drink alcohol.
Eisberg make alcohol free wines, cocktails... which are suitable for vegans
They come in a variety including:

As its coming up to Valentines day, a romantic meal with wine comes to mind.
There isn't many good quality alcohol free wines on the market, but Eisberg have created these wines which taste delicious and authentic; and they also look really pretty in flatlays!!!
I really like the shape of the bottle and the fact the bottles have a cork & can be popped like champagne or an expensive sparkling wine, again giving an authentic wine experience. Fancy!!!


You can buy all of these drinks i have talked about and MORE on Eisberg's

Thank-you Eisberg for supporting my Blog, and sending my these yummy drinks! They will most definitely be enjoyed! :)

Discover Eisberg-

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Holly Jade


  1. Hi Jade, I had an email from Eisberg saying it wasn't suitable for vegans as contained gelatine?

  2. Hello, thats strange as they sent me this as its 100% vegan and i checked the ingredients to make sure! Just make sure you check your bottle too :) x

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Uses gelatine as a fining agent.


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