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Monday, 9 January 2017

Fentimans drinks (Perfect for dry January)

I want to share with you some of my favourite more natural fizzy drinks, especially for veganuary and dry january.
I used to love pepsi and cola, but I became aware of their nasty ingredients and it shocked me what I was putting into my body, so I decided to look around for healthier alternatives and came across a company who make a range of delicious fizzy drinks which do not contains artificial sweeteners. yay

Did you know that most fizzy drinks (like coke zero, pepsi max…) contains no sugar but contain artificial sweeteners! 
The two main artificial sweeteners to look out for are aspartame and sucralose! 
I think it is really important for me to share on my website to you guys the health warnings about these ingredients.

What is aspartame-
Aspartame is used as a very sweet sugar alternative in certain food and drinks. Aspartame is considered a very dangerous substance to consume. How scary is that?!
I have read that it can cause certain health conditions if consumed regularly over a long period of time.
This is something I really didn't know about, but when I started reading up about it, it shocked me.
You can read more about what aspartame is and its effects to health more on the internet.

What is sucralose-
Sucralose is yet another sugar alternative which is added into food and drink for its sweetness! 
I used to enjoy a Jamaican ginger beer, but found out it contains sucrolose! It made me think about what I am consuming now and how I can find other drink alternatives which won't effect my health.

I have read all sorts about the effects on health caused by consuming sucralose and aspartame, which has lead me to finding Fentimans drinks.

Recently, I was walking around my local whole-food shop, and I came across a bunch of the Fentimans fermented botanical drinks. The pretty & retro style packaging also caught my eye :)
These drinks are botanically brewed and are fermented over a period of 17 days, which makes them packed full of flavour. 

Me and my sister have taken a particular liking to the Cherry Tree Cola. Oh my goodness guys, this drink honestly tastes like cola sweets.
Fentimans have a variety of flavours-
- Ginger beer
-Curiosity cola
-Cherry tree cola
-Mandarin and seville orange jiggle
-Victorian lemonade
-Rose lemonade
-Light tonic water
-Wild english elderflower
-Brewed shandy
-Dandelion and burdock

With no chemicals, these drinks are a great alternative, especially if you are taking part in dry january. Chuck some ice in a glass, pour one of these drinks in and sip away, yum.
These drinks are a little bit more expensive than your usual pepsi or cola, but it is most definitely worth a treat.

The drinks contain glucose syrup (gluten-free) and sugar which are natural, but as there is a lot of concern about consuming too much sugar in your diet and also protecting your teeth they are best enjoyed in moderation.
It is completely up to you whether you chose to make a change, but it is worth it in the long run. 

I hope this information is helpful :)

Click here to check out your nearest Fentimans stockist.

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