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Friday, 24 February 2017

Why you need the Spectrum Collections marbleous rolls

I am a huge fan of Spectrum collections, especially when it comes down to their adorable brushes & stunning accessories. They are too cute! 
Their marbleous makeup rolls caught my attention.
Who's guilty of throwing your makeup brushes into your makeup bag when on the go and they end up damaged or even missing?!!
The marbleous rolls are a stylish & organised place to store your makeup brushes, rather than having them dotted all over the place just how mine use to be.

 The bags are made out of faux patent leather, in a marble effect which come in black & white. Yes, marble!
These bags can hold up to 24 brushes plus extra room for all of your makeup must haves & beauty essentials. Mine is filled with beautiful spectrum brushes of course.
I also store my 'Unicorn horn' cleaner in the handy elasticated net pouch, and heart brushes cleaner in the zipped compartment.
Pop each brush into its own little slot and take care of your makeup brushes, as you will want these beauties to stay looking stunning and new (especially for instagram photos) 

These makeup rolls also look beautiful as a clutch.
If your not obsessed already, you will be!

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