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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Fudge Kitchen | Vegan fudge

A childhood favourite of mine was vanilla fudge from Cornwall. I always remember my parents picking me & my sister up some fudge and enjoying it by the sea.

I haven't had much fudge since then, until now.

I was kindly sent some utterly creamy fudge from Fudge Kitchen. I am always 100% honest whether i like a product, and i can honestly say these are delicious.

Fudge Kitchen is not a vegan company but does make vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free products. 
Vegan & gluten-free flavours:
-Lemon & ginger
-Hot cross bun
-Choco classic
-Icy vanilla coconut
My favourite is the chocolate as it tastes like chocolate frosting. Imagine a cupcake with loads of thick & crumbly chocolate buttercream frosting on top...this is what it tastes like. So yummy!
Another flavour which is tasty is the hot cross bun fudge. It's really unusual but tastes just like raisins with sweet undertones and mixed spices. Love it!
The fudge comes in individual packets, presented in a luxurious box, perfect to give as a gift and would be lovely as an Easter treat for a loved one or a cheeky, flavourful treat for yourself!

All of these products plus more information about the ingredients can be found on the Fudge Kitchen website


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