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Monday, 10 April 2017

Movie night snacks

Movie night and vegan snacks...count me in!
A cosy night home with some delicious snacks is always super fun and exciting, depending what movie you are watching. If you are watching 'Babe' you may just want some tissues!
A movie night is never complete without POPCORN! But what's better than sweet or salted popcorn.....sun-dried tomato :)
I am obsessed with the Propercorn 'Worchester sauce & sun-dried tomato popcorn'. At first, i was hesitant to try it as it's an unusual flavour of popcorn, but this whole bag only lasted a few minutes! It's absolutely delicious. You may have to pick up a few bags as everyone will want a handful! 
Movies are all about having 'me' time and indulging yourself. You can never go wrong with some sweet treats, especially when they are vegan and extremely moreish.

I always love to have a bag of the Goody Good Stuff sweets.

My current favourites are the 'Summer peaches'. These sweets are natural peach flavoured gummy sweets which are utterly delicious, free from gluten, lactose, gelatine and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Yay!  
Also a cheeky treat which i love is the Montezuma dark chocolate buttons. They are very rich and creamy.
A good tip as well, place a popcorn kernel on top of a chocolate button and it tastes like chocolate flavoured popcorn (maybe not the sundried tomato but the sweet or salty)!. SO yummy!

Why not wash everything down with some Cawston Press fizzy drinks?
I love natural fizzy drinks and enjoy them as they don't contain any artificial sweeteners or ingredients which is amazing! They are also refreshing and keep their fizz! 


All of these yummy products are from The Vegan Kind online shop.

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