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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Shop vegan food at Tesco

Food Love Stories brought to you by Tesco.

Hello Everyone,
I'm sure if you're from the UK (and further afar!) you’ll have heard of Tesco supermarkets.

I wanted to share with you the amazing selection of Vegan and ‘Free from’ food that Tesco has to offer.
They are also aiming to make a wider selection of vegan foods and products more accessible in their stores, which is fantastic news!
Before I start, I wanted to let you know about an amazing campaign Tesco has recently launched;  Tesco Food Love Stories. 
They say that behind every recipe there is a story.

Tesco has launched the 'Food Love Stories' campaign to help share amazing recipes for you to try out.
It's great to see that Tesco is including more delicious vegan recipes in their 'Food Love Stories' campaign to inspire everyone to eat a healthier and plant based diet.
Derek, the gourmet chef shares his love of vegetable based cooking by showing how to make BBQ-style 'shroom buns.

I think it's incredible that a supermarket chain as big as Tesco is now supporting and promoting a vegan diet.
I can't wait to see more vegan recipes that Tesco shares through the 'Food Love Stories' campaign.

To find out more about this amazing campaign, check it out here.


They're online Free From range includes over 500 food items, with many of them being vegan (Hurrah!)
Their motto is ‘Our Free From range isn’t free from taste’ which is great, as a lot of preconceptions about vegan food is that it can be lacking in flavour, which couldn't be further from the truth!

Their range spans from breakfast cereals, biscuits and bread, to frozen dinners and desserts.

Some of my particular favourites that I'd definitely suggest you try out are:

-Tesco Free From cheeses - Including Mature cheddar, Jalapeño and chilli, smoked, blue cheese and more! Oh my, the Jalapeno is delicious!!!

- Their snack bar range: Including Tesco free from chocolate bars, NAKD and TREK bars

Tesco meat free vegetarian mince (which is vegan & made from soya) perfect for Chillies and stir-frys!

Tesco finest free from truffles (I cannot get enough of these!)

- Alpro soya desserts - Including devilishly dark chocolate and Vanilla flavours

Free From wholegrain rice cakes, delicious with their range of yummy hummus!
I'm hoping in the future Tesco will also expand their chilled Vegan meal selection, so definitely keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, there are plenty of ingredients to create some delicious meals.


Find your local Tesco supermarket, inc opening times here.

I love Tesco supermarket and am so happy and impressed by their rapidly growing Free From range, I can't wait to see what delicious products they bring out next! :)

Go Tesco!!! :D 

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