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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Vegan Tuck Box unboxing | June 2017

Hello June, my birthday month.
I received an early birthday present today in the form of a delightful Vegan Tuck Box
This is the June 2017 box which is jam packed full of goodies. This may be my favourite box to date!!
This box includes

I have found so many delicious treats in here that I am obsessed with, especially the onion bruschetta and Eli's bar.
We used to buy Garlic bruschetta all the time when I was younger so I am very happy to have rediscovered them. They taste amazing on their own, but out of this world paired with hummus and dips! Perfect for sharing or serving at parties etc...

The candy in this box is insane! From caramels to peanut chocolate bars and even a vegan waggon wheel! 
I especially love the Vantastic Foods coconut bites, these little dark chocolate balls with freeze dried coconut chunks are scrumptious! The dark chocolate is smooth and rich, paired with sweet coconut...they are like little bounty bar balls. I love them. They would even be great to decorate a coconut cheesecake!

Get my raw bounty bar inspired cheesecake here.

My mum and sister have been nibbling on the caramels and there are only 3 left!! I guess they like them, haha.

I love the variety of products in this box. Another amazing box, LOVE!!!

Get your own box here-

I have a really exciting discount for you lovely lot.
 Enter “blog20” at checkout to receive 20% off their first subscription box.  How cool is that?! :)

These boxes are amazing for their price as you get to try snacks from all over the world which gets delivered to your door each month! 

I can't wait to see what is featured in next months box, and hopefully, I will get my hands on another. Can't wait! :D


I highly suggest subscribing to Vegan Tuck Box and supporting their amazing company & charities!

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  1. This box looks amazing, love the look of those coconut bits!
    Naomi x


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