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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Gluten-free chilli naan bread

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free

This is by far the best ever naan bread I have ever tasted.
Naan bread is a baked flatbread which is traditionally served with curries.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

No-bake vegan coconut 'bounty' truffles

Vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free

Delicious bite-sized coconutty truffles dunked in dairy-free chocolate and drizzled with even more yummy chocolate.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Maui Moisture Launch Party at Mihiki London

I was invited to the tropical launch party of the Maui Moisture hair care range in Mihiki, Mayfair, London.
What an amazing night filled with tropical drinks, nibbles and music.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Neal's Yard review

I have been a big fan of Neals Yard for a while, ever since discovering their avocado night cream.
I recently got my hands on a few of their products and wanted to share my thoughts.
 Read on for how I create a smoothed and radiant complexion using just a few products that do their job extremely well.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Vegan Starbucks salted caramel frappuccino recipe

Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free

The Starbucks Frappuccino is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious iced coffee.
You can even re-create their tasty drinks at home. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Vegan vanilla sponge cake recipe

Vegan, wheat-free, gluten-free

Say hello to the best vegan vanilla victoria sponge cake!

I couldn't be happier with this recipe. 
It's taken me a long time to perfect this cake. Experimenting with ingredients, batters, baking time etc and I have nailed it!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Quick & easy vegan salted caramel sauce

Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural sugar

I am genuinely over the moon with this recipe and am soo excited to share it with you guys!
There is nothing I like more than sweet and salty. The hero of sweet and salty has to be salted caramel!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

How to make a watermelon chill drink from Pizza Express

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural sugar

I visited Pizza Express recently and ordered a Watermelon chill as I LOVE watermelon.
I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to make my own homemade version so I can enjoy a refreshing drink anytime!

This delicious and mouth-watering, fruity drink is vegan & contains only natural sugars from the yummy fruits.

It's cool, naturally sweet, perfect for a hot & sunny day.
 Plus is quick & easy to make too!

Friday, 21 July 2017

My new vegan shoes | Beyond Skin

'A girl can never have too many shoes!'

Oh, my goodness is it okay to be in love with a pair of shoes because I AM! Just look at these revolutionary beauties.
I am over the moon to finally have my hands on a pair of Beyond Skin shoes!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Naturally whitening teeth with charcoal? | Charwhite Cosmetics

There's been a trend of using charcoal to whiten teeth and I really wanted to give it a go and see if it would make a difference. 
I am always on the lookout for new products to incorporate into my beauty routine.

So does covering your mouth/teeth in black powder results in white teeth?! I know it sounds crazy, but it actually works! There are many different ways to use charcoal to whiten teeth, but today I want to show you the one where you brush the charcoal powder onto your teeth.
Charcoal helps to whiten teeth as it's a purifying agent that absorbs impurities.
It can remove/reduce the signs of stains on your teeth and make them squeaky clean. How amazing is that?!
It also strengthens enamel which is insane!Charwhite Cosmetics have a vegan charcoal pot which is all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, fluoride-free, non-toxic and non-GMO.
If you have sensitive teeth and gums like me, you don't have to worry as this charcoal powder is pain-free! Yay :)
Its also great to know that some of your purchase of Charwhite will go towards some non-profit organisations they support like: Charity Water and Pencils of Hope.
Yes, It does make your mouth look....well, you can make up your own mind but beauty is pain...right?!To apply, wet your toothbrush and then apply a decent amount of the product, by dipping the bristles into the charcoal. Then you can brush your teeth. Brush for a few minutes working in a circular motion. Then rinse out the charcoal thoroughly.
When I brushed my teeth, I made sure I closed my mouth as I started to brush as I didn't want to get covered in a charcoal dust cloud, which can be a nightmare! I can vouch for that!

Brush for around 2-3 minutes making sure to cover all your teeth then rinse. Make sure you don't inhale the powder. 
A plus of using charcoal is that it has completely no taste which I was worried about. It also doesn't stain your skin so if it gets over your face, it just washes off easily. 

I can tell a definite change in the colour of my teeth. They are a few shades whiter, I am so happy! It's definitely worth a try! It can be used 1-2 times a week to keep your pearly whites....white :)

I love this technique as opposed to unnatural and toxic gel whiteners etc. I prefer to use a less harsh and natural product to get results! :) Highly recommend CharWhite!!! 

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Vegan chocolate orange cake recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free

Something very exciting happened yesterday, my sister (Naomi Victoria) hit 100,000 subscribers on Youtube!
As congratulations from me, I wanted to make her a special 100k cake in her favourite flavour- rich chocolate orange.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The best chocolate orange buttercream frosting

Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat-free

Thick, creamy, fluffy and super quick & easy to make.....all the words you want to hear about a buttercream frosting recipe!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Vegan shepherds pie recipe

Vegan. gluten-free, wheat-free

I was approached by Rennie to feature on their 'Taste of Britain Campaign' which is all about celebrating and showcasing the wonderful variety of foods in the UK.

Rennie is the UK's favourite heartburn and indigestion tablets and it's very useful to know that they are suitable for vegans!
They have a useful website which gives a lot of information on their products.

I wanted to write a post featuring a great British vegan dish. I decide to cook a hearty shepherds pie. 

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Naked Bakery | Unicorn Macarons

I wanted to write this blog post as something absolutely delicious (and magical) was delivered to me today!
So as you may know, I won Food Blogger of the Year 2017 at the Blogosphere awards and as congratulations, the lovely people over at The Vegan Kind kindly sent me some adorable celebratory macarons! They are not just macarons but in the shape of unicorns and are in 3 divine flavours including:

Friday, 14 July 2017

3 ingredient strawberry smoothie recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural-sugars 

Recently I've been waking up and enjoying a freshly made strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

A fruity smoothie is the perfect 'pick me up' to wake up to as it's healthy and super refreshing. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Vegan Tuck Box | July 2017 unboxing

Happy July everyone. I can't believe we are now half way through 2017, that's crazy! Where is the time going??!

To celebrate another month, I have a brand new unboxing of the July Vegan Tuck Box, yay!
In this month's box, you don't only get a whole load of delicious treats, but you also get a recipe from.....ME! My pineapple sorbet is delicious and I am so excited to share it with the VTB subscribers. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Iconic London review | First impression

So the first thing to say is...WOW.
When I first opened the packaging and saw the Iconic London brushes in real life I just fell head over heels in love. I've never tried the 'toothbrush' style makeup brushes before so I was excited to see if they made a difference to my makeup application. I also got the Pro Evo brushes, which are handheld brushes. I've never in my life seen a brush shaped like it, and I can't explain how ergonomically pleasing it is. LOVE!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Healthy banoffee Nice Cream recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural sugar, Easy

If you're not familiar with using bananas to create 'nice' cream yet, you're in for a real treat!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Baked tortilla samosa recipe

Vegan, wheat-free, gluten-free, no-fry

What beats a spicy samosa?! Nothing!!!
I love the crispy coating with the spicy filling, but the downside about traditional samosas is that they are made with pastry and deep fried which isn't the best for you, even though they taste insane.
I wanted to make some healthier samosas, but keeping the same tasty textures and flavours!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Overnight Passionfruit chia pudding

Vegan, natural sugar, high protein 

Chia seed puddings have been having their spotlight recently, probably because they are limitless and an amazing superfood. 
I have chia seeds on everything, breakfast, lunch, dinner, in smoothies etc....I just purely love them!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

My top luxury cruelty-free lipstick picks you NEED to try!

Hello everyone. 
I've compiled a carefully selected list of my top favourite luxury lipsticks that I think you'll find really useful.
All of my picks are vegan and cruelty-free, tried and tested by myself. I hope you can maybe discover some new brands as well!

Friday, 7 July 2017

How to make the best vegan Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino!

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, 

Happy world chocolate day.
I wanted to make the Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino. I have always wanted to try it but it's not vegan so, I took it upon myself to recreate it and make it vegan! Yay :)
The Java Chip Frappuccino is an iced coffee with chocolate chips, mocha sauce topped off with cream and more mocha sauce. Yummy!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Gluten-free, vegan chocolate 'Nutella' pancakes

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural sugar, easy

Chocolate pancakes with layers of homemade nutella...sign me up! 

I have never made chocolate pancakes before and thought what better time than now!?
I switched it up and incorporated homemade vegan Nutella for an even more chocolaty/luxurious element. YUM!!!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Iced coffee protein shake recipe

Vegan, dairy-free, natural-sugar, quick & easy

Who is guilty of enjoying an iced coffee with breakfast....I know I am! 
I always have the same, an iced almond milk latte and wanted to switch it up!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Pacifica Beauty Coconut Skincare Collection review

 If I had to choose a brand to have in my beauty essentials, it would always be Pacifica Beauty.
I am obsessed with Pacifica ever since trying out their Coconut damage hair mask, it's absolutely insane! 
I often find myself having a little snoop around their website for new products to try out.

The key ingredient for the Coconut range is Coconut Water.
This range is parabens and sulphate free along with being 100% vegan + cruelty-free.

The range includes-
Sun + Lipcare Mineral Lipbalm (SPF 30)

Monday, 3 July 2017

No bake summer berry '4th july' cheesecake

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, no-bake

It's 4th July tomorrow and American's will be celebrating their Independence Day which is their biggest celebration in the history of America. I have some lovely American followers/readers and I wanted to celebrate this with them by creating a special red, white and blue dessert!

Why you should buy the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick!

I am the biggest fan of Kat Von D's beauty line and was so excited to receive my first ever KVD lipstick for my birthday.

All Kat Von D Beauty products are 100% vegan and not tested on animals (Cruelty-free).

Check out my last blog post reviewing my favourite foundation EVER 'Lock It Power Foundation' here

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Easy vegan healthier Oreo cookie recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free, natural sugar, no trans-fats

Say hello to the homemade and healthier Oreo cookie.

I am so excited to share with you, my absolute beauty of a recipe! 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

There's a new vegan muesli on the block | Dorset Cereals

I want to introduce you to the brand new addition to the Dorset Cereals family, their limited edition gently spiced carrot & apple muesli. How scrumptious does it sound?!!

Dorset Cereals is an award winning company who make a range of muesli, granola and porridge in a huge variety of flavours from oats and nuts, to chocolate and spicy.
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