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Saturday, 1 July 2017

There's a new vegan muesli on the block | Dorset Cereals

I want to introduce you to the brand new addition to the Dorset Cereals family, their limited edition gently spiced carrot & apple muesli. How scrumptious does it sound?!!

Dorset Cereals is an award winning company who make a range of muesli, granola and porridge in a huge variety of flavours from oats and nuts, to chocolate and spicy.

This gently spiced carrot & apple is a limited edition flavour, inspired by the moorish taste of carrot cake. 
This flavour is Dorset Cereals first ever vegetable blend including dried carrots. I have never heard of adding carrots into muesli but it works! This breakfast option is offering premium and unique experiences, which are made to be enjoyed ‘on the slow’.
Did you know enjoying vegetables in your breakfast is the leading food trend of 2017? Me neither. If this trend is going to be anything like these delicious and scrumptious flavours....I'm in! 
I'm not the biggest breakfast fan but if there is something delicious to wake up too....I'll be up!
 It's 100% vegan but does contain wheat/barley so not suitable for coeliacs.

This muesli is full of fruit and I absolutely love the seasonal spices. It tastes like Christmas is a bowl!
 You can tell that it doesn't have any added sugars. It's full of natural goodness and the mild heat of the ginger spice comes through, reminding me of gingerbread cookies at Christmas time. With the apple and spice, it also brings to mind a homemade seasonal mince pie, Yum!!
Dried fruit (37%) [dates (16.5%), raisins, sultanas, apple pieces (2%)], oat flakes, toasted wheat flakes, barley flakes, dehydrated carrot (4%), cinnamon barley flakes (4%) (barley, cinnamon (0.4%)), ginger barley flakes (4%) (barley, ginger (0.4%)), pecan nuts (3%), nutmeg oat flakes (0.5%) (oat flakes, nutmeg (0.4%)).

This tasty cereal gives a great energy boost to start the day. Is low in saturated fat, is good in fibre and has a reasonable amount of protein. What's not to like!
You don't only have to enjoy it for breakfast, you can enjoy it at any time of the day.
Just add some of your favourite chilled dairy-free milk. You could even add extra fresh fruit and/or yoghurt. I even had an idea to add some into one of my recipes as the spices and fruit would make a great addition to a muesli bar or a cheesecake. The possibilities are endless! :)

I had a little picnic in the garden to enjoy my morning breakfast and it was glorious. You can take the granola out and just add a splash of milk for a tasty treat whatever time of the day.

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