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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Easy mince pie recipe

Vegan, gluten-free, wheat-free,  quick & easy

Is it even Christmas without a mince pie?!
I posted a photo of these mince pies on my twitter and I had so many people question me about the 'meat' part. Mince pies are a pastry crust filled with mince meat.
Mince meat is a mixture of dried fruit and spices....NO animal ingredients (As if i would use it!!) 
These mince pies are so easy that I've already made 4 batches over Christmas, everyone loves them!
The crust contains only 3 'easy to find' ingredients and is gluten-free! It's light, crumbly and delicious. You'll want to nibble on the whole batch, they're that good.
I used a shop bought mince meat which is vegan. Most mince meats are naturally vegan anyway, but it's always useful to look at the ingedients just in case :)
With left over 'pastry', I cut out mini festive shapes and popped them ontop of the mincepies followed with a light dusting of snow (icing sugar).
These are a delicous treat served warm with dairy-free icecream. Delicious!

Preration- 5 minutes
Baking time- 10 minutes
Makes- 6
Level- Easy

Ingredients for the crust + star
-200g of plain flour (I use gluten-free)
-100g of coconut oil (Melted)
-5 tablespoons of maple syrup

Ingredients for the filling
-Vegan mince meat 

To make the crust

Step 1- Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees c and get out a cupcake tin.

Step 2- In a mixing bowl, combine the plain flour, coconut oil and maple syrup.

Mix and bring together with your hands until a dough forms.
Cut out little shapes for the top of the mince pies and set aside.

Step 3- Press the dough into the tins, making a cup shape then prick the base with a fork and pop into the oven to bake for 5 minutes.

Step 4- After 5 minutes, fill each crust with mince meat and top with a pastry shape.

Pop back into the oven for a further 5-7 minutes or until golden in colour.

Step 5- Once golden, allow them to cool in the tin then carefully lift them out.
As the crust contains coconut oil, they should just slide out very easily.
If not, run a knife around the tin and lift them out.

Store in a sealed container, best eaten within a few days.


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  1. YUM! It looks delicious and I really love your pictures ♥

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