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Friday, 9 November 2018

The best vegan sticky toffee pudding recipe

Vegan, quick & easy.

Ever wondered how to make a moist, sweet and extremely luxurious sticky toffee pudding...well now you can!

Sticky toffee pudding has been one of my favourite desserts since I was young and still is to this day.
The light and chewy sponge cake, topped off with a toffee glaze and drizzle, served with creamy ice-cream....just divine!! 

This pudding is absolutely scrumptious.
Tuck into a classic British dessert..the vegan way!
The sponge is rich, moist and chewy, with the toffee sauce drizzle which soaks into the sponge creating a super sticky, gooey, irresistible and comforting treat.
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I used the sponge setting to help me make this scrumptious sponge cake! It cooked the sponge beautifully, giving it a gorgeous golden colour! 
This cake looks absolutely stunning, tastes exquisite and is perfect for sharing, especially during the holidays/Christmas. Enjoy it warm or cold, with custard, dairy-free cream or ice-cream!

As it's jam-packed full of moorish, sticky toffee, you'll want another slice...I'm sure! 

Preparation- 25 minutes
Baking time- 28-30 minutes 
Serves- 12 
Level- Easy

Ingredients for the sponge 
-480ml of almond milk (I use unsweetened)
-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar
-425g of self-raising flour
-440g of golden caster sugar
-1 teaspoon of baking powder
-1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
-2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
-1 teaspoon of ground ginger
-150g of pitted dates (soaked and drained)
-40g of black treacle
-120g of coconut oil (melted)

Ingredients for the toffee sauce
-180g of golden caster sugar
-65g of coconut milk (cream only)
-60ml of dairy-free milk (I use almond milk)

To make the sponge

Step 1- Preheat your oven to 180 degrees c and line a 24x24 square tin with grease-proof paper.

Step 2- De-stone the dates and place them in a bowl of hot water and allow to soak for 20 minutes.
Once soaked, drain them, then pop them into a food processor/blender and whizz up until mushy/soft.

Step 3- In a bowl, combine the almond milk with the apple cider vinegar and whisk until fully combined.

Set aside for 10 minutes to curdle. This creates a vegan 'buttermilk'.
Step 4- In a large mixing bowl, sift the flour, sugar, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, ground cinnamon and ground ginger.
Mix well to combine.

Step 5- Add the melted coconut oil into the 'buttermilk' and whisk to combine.

Step 6- Add the wet ingredients and black treacle into the dry ingredients and mix.

Step 7- Fold in the dates. 

Step 8- Pour the batter into the lined tin.

Make sure to tap the tins on the worktop to remove any air bubbles.

Step 9- Pop the sponge into the centre of the preheated oven and bake for around 28-30 minutes.

You will know it's done when you put a knife or skewer in and it comes out clean and it is springy to the touch.

Step 10- Place the sponge on a cooling rack and allow to cool fully. 

Once cool, pop it into a sealed container to keep it fresh before serving.

To make the toffee sauce

Step 1- Place the sugar into a large pan over low/medium heat, stirring continuously until it begins to dissolve, then turn off the heat.
This will take around 10-15 minutes.

Step 2- When it's golden and liquid, add in the coconut cream and stir vigorously.

It will steam and bubble but keep stirring.

Step 3- Once the toffee cools down, pour in the dairy-free milk, stir until everything is dissolved.

Step 4- Place the pan back onto a low/medium heat bring it back to the boil.

It will begin to bubble, just keep stirring. 
Stir for around 1-2 minutes.

Step 5- Turn the heat off and pour into a heatproof bowl. Then, when cool pop into the fridge.

I like to allow my toffee to set overnight.

It turns into a thick and glossy sweet toffee sauce.

Drizzle over the sponge and enjoy.

You can store the toffee sauce in a jar in the fridge. It will last up to a week.
Store the sponge in a sealed container in the fridge and enjoy within a few days.

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 A huge thank you to DeDietrich for collabing on this recipe with me!

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  1. I love sticky toffee pudding! Looks so delicious and tempting ♥

  2. Hi, is there anything I could sub for the treacle? I haven't found it where I'm living. Thanks!

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  4. I'm a bit confused... Sticky toffee pudding is usually a steamed pudding and I'd expected this to be a pudding served hot, the sort you would eat with custard or ice cream melting over it. But the sponge and sauce, as they are pre-made and stored in the fridge, will both be cold when they are served - which I can't imagine would be quite as nice.


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