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Monday, 16 February 2015

Vegan Sushi Medely recipe

This Recipe is featured in the Teen VGN Recipe book!!!
I have only ever tried Sushi once when i was younger and recently have been really wanting to try some new foods and flavours! I am a big Seaweed fan anyway so i thought it would be good to try something new and make my own Sushi! 
here we go......
I found my Nori, Sushi rice, Sushi rolling matt and Tamari at ASDA by the brand 'Yutaka' but i am sure where ever you live, you could find them in a large supermarket.

-Sushi Rice (250grams)
-Seaweed sheets (Nori) 
-Sushi rolling matt
-1 Tablespoon of Sugar
-1 Tablespoon of Salt
-Canned Sweetcorn
-Pinch of  Poppy seeds or Chia seeds
(Everything listed below finely shredded)
-1 red Onion
-1 Courgette
-1 Carrot
-1/4 of a Red and yellow pepper
-Handful of Spinach

Lets get our Japanese on......

Step 1- Get out all of your ingredients and utensils.

Step 2- Put half the bag of Sushi rice into a bowl and wash a few times with cool water, then drain the rice in a sieve.

Step 3- Place the drained Sushi rice into a saucepan and pour in 330ml of water.

Step 4- Cook the Sushi rice, making sure it boils, then simmer for 10 minutes. Occasionally stir to stop it from sticking to the bottom of the pan, but keep the lid on all the time. Add in your Chia seeds or Poppy seeds.

Step 5- After 10 minutes, remove the pan from the heat, and leave to stand for 25-30 minutes with the lid on.

Step 6- Get all of your ingredients washed and ready while the rice is cooking. 

Step 7-  After 30 minutes mix in the Sugar, Salt and Rice Vinegar in to the Sushi rice.Tip the rice on to a clean baking tray and lay it out to cool further, cover with a clean damp tea towl until you are ready to use it.

Step 8-  Lay out your Sushi rolling matt and place 1 sheet of Nori on it.

Step 9- Wet your hands to prevent the rice sticking to your hands ( it is annoying, it happened to me :P )

Step 10- Scoop a handful of rice and press it in to the Nori sheet, leaving a good 3 inches at the top.

Step 11- Layer in the middle of the rice your chosen filling( the more colour the better)

Step 12- Now all of the ingredients is on the rice its time to rock and ROLL :)

Step 13- With guidance from the Sushi matt, roll the Sushi slowly and firmly.

Step 14- Wet the exposed Nori so it sticks the edge down.

Step 15- Roll the Sushi in cling film and place in the fringe to cool for 5 minutes ( the longer you leave it the better it is to slice)

Step 16- When cool, un-wrap, lay the Sushi on a flat surface, use a sharpe Knife to slice the Sushi into small sections( its a great idea to wet the Knife with Rice vinegar to prevent the knife from sticking to the Sushi creating a sticky mess) 

Step 17-Your Sushi is now ready to enjoy, but before you do, pour a little Tamari on a plate and dip in the Sushi to make it pop with flavour! You could also use Wasabi paste or homemade Carrot paste if you like which is equally as nice. 

Were done :D

This recipe is very versatile as you can use any ingredients you like. Sushi is very good for you and is absolutely delicious and they are easy and enjoyable to make! 

If you like, give it a try yourself, and let me know how you get on :)
I hope you liked this recipe!
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Holly Jade


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