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Monday, 9 March 2015

Junk food is okay in Moderation

I have to say....i do love a bit of Junk food now and again! You can't pull me away from my Booja Booja Ice-cream :) *drools*

A few years ago, i didn't Know my limits with Unhealthy food. I wasn't feeling too good (mentally & Physically) , so i comfort Ate. I felt Sluggish, bored and tired. No energy what so ever! Waking up in a Morning was awful because i had no energy! 

Changing a snack from (lets say) a Chocolate bar to an Apple seems like a boring option, but it actually can be made sweet and delicious!

Sweet Cinnamon Apple-
Slice a Apple into Chunks and Sprinkle some Cinnamon over....easy, delightful, and its really good for you!

Even the little changes can make you feel 100% better in yourself, and it does make your appearance better too!

 I was so unhappy with my Weight i would just eat rubbish food because i didn't think i could feel any worse than i did, but i just didn't like what i changing my lifestyle and diet, i feel like a different person! I have had comments saying how good and healthy i am looking and my appearance has changed a lot! 
At college i looked Grey/Pale, very washed out and not with it. I would stay up until 5am some nights craving Sugar! My cravings have now gone, but i do crave Almond Milk now which is weird haha! 
Cravings and temptations do stop only if you help yourself.

All this post is, is just saying, Junk food ( Chocolate, Cakes , are okay in moderation kept with a Healthy Active Lifestyle! Keep them as a Treat and you will feel like you are in control of your Body!

I have a Twitter if y'all have any questions! :) I'm happy to answer those for you

Twitter- @blogofVegan

Holly x 


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