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Friday, 13 March 2015


TREK Review- 
Trek are Energy/ Protein Bars from the Nakd Range. 
Trek have sooooo many different yummy flavours! They have a wide variety of Products from Protein oaty Flapjacks with Protein Crunchies to High Protein Fruit, Oat and Crunch Bars! 
Most of their Bars are made out of 100% natural Ingredients.
There Products are Vegan, Dairy-free, Gluten & Wheat Free! 

I was kindly sent by Trek, 5 of their Bars! One Banana Bread, a Bakewell Tart Bar, Banana Blast Bar, Cocoa Chaos and Berry blast Bar! The names of their Products are so inviting!

Bakewell Tart Bar-
Lets start off with the Bakewell Tart bar! It is Gluten, Wheat and dairy free!
I didn't even know there was such a thing! A Bakewell Tart bar made out of dates, Cashews, Raisins and its one of your 5 a day! Thats crazy! I took a bite and it tasted like i was eating a normal unhealthy Bakewell pie! Trek has got it spot on! This Bar is both Nourishing and delightful! It is quite a sticky Bar but one its in the mouth it melts. You can't taste any of raw fruits or nuts, it is a Bakewell Tart. Not much more i can say, its just delicious and i will be hunting these down! *Drools*

Banana Bread & Banana Blast-
I have recently discovered the Banana Bread Flapjack which i purchased from my local Wholefood shop for the first time. 
I am a huge Flapjack fan ( if you couldn't tell from my many Flapjack recipes :P )
All of these bars which i will talk about have a whopping 10 grams of Protein in! They are a perfect snack to give you a boost, and to keep you energised!
The Banana Flapjack is handmade and you can tell, its not got any processed rubbish in it, it tastes like something your Mum would make you! Really moist, scrummy and pleasurable. 
They were kind enough to send me the New Banana Blast bar! This bar isn't a Flapjack it is made out of High protein Fruits, Oats and Crunchies for long lasting energy.
This bar, along with the Berry Blast & Cocoa Chaos are cold pressed and its first ingredients are Dates! I really like the texture and taste of dates so they got this one right :)
these bars are split into 3 sections, kind of like a Chocolate bar is, so its easier to break apart and share if you like( or just to scoff like i do)
You guys should try them, totally gorgeous! 

Cocoa Chaos-
Hands up....we all like a bit of Chocolate from time to time, but isn't it nice when you don't feel guilty about it! This is the perfect bar for you! This Bar is luxurious and is so tasty and rich!  ! Its has a slight Crunch and its very filling.  when you bite into it you get a rich Cocoa bean flavour, very dark Chocolatey. 
You can definitely taste the moist Dates giving it a smooth, rich texture.
You can also get the Flapjack version, called Cocoa Oat Flapjack! Haven't tried that one yet, but looks so tasty with a layer of Dairy-free milk chocolate on top. *yummm*

Berry Blast-
This bar is smooth on the outside. Quite chewy with a light crunch and a extremely fruity Berry tastes comes through!
They are not like the flapjacks which are fully oaty, you can tell they are cram packed full of good ingredients. I could taste the Fruit concentrates then you get the goodness of the Dates and raisins. 
A real pleasant snack, especially for the Spring/Summer.

These bars retail at around- £0.90-£1.00+

Filled with nothing but goodness, these Bars are lovely with a Cuppa hot Tea, on the go or because of their High Protein contents, brilliant before a hefty workout or even Post exercise.

You can purchase their Bars i have talked about and Products on their Website-

Thankyou so much TREK for supporting my Blog, and kindly sending me these yummy Treats! They will most definitely be enjoyed!
A great company to review and i will continue to enjoy their products! 

More Reviews of Vegan Products coming very Soon... :)
Holly jade

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