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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Favorite Hair Products for Soft, Shiny Hair

 I really love my Hair. Everyone around me says its long, but its still not at a length I'm happy with but its sooo much healthier from what it was! I had it cut into a Bob about 5 Years ago and i used to use Curlers, Straighteners and a Blow Dryer every day for about 5-6 years! Even saying that makes me cringe! :P As well as using chemical based Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masks!
The biggest thing i did to my Hair was bleaching it Blonde, quite a few times..i even experimented with Purple......lets not get in to that (it was awful) and it had to be chemically stripped out of my Hair...EEK!!!

All of this can be extremely damaging to your Hair! My Hair is quite Thin, but i have a lot of it (if that makes any sense) It also is quite dry at the ends. I don't have Split ends, it just gets pretty Frizzy, which i inherited from my Mum (who has Afro like hair, its pretty Awesome!) :)

I have written a post before on Hair Care on a Vegan Diet where i talk about Supplements  getting the right nutrients, Protein etc...
Here is the Link-

I wanted to write this post on a few of my Favourite Hair care Products and things i do now to keep my hair Soft, Shiny and in manageable condition!

The main thing i do, i don't use Heat! I know for some girls & guys out there, even thinking of not using Heat is terrifying, but its terrifying what the Heat does to your Hair over time! 
Hair Straighteners and Curlers can damage your hair in many ways as its all based around Heat!
Using Heat Fries your Hair.

If you have to use heat on your Hair, i would highly recommend a good Heat protectant! When ever i use Heat( which is mainly on Special Occasions), i reach for my Moroccanoil heat Styling Protection. This Heat Protectant helps protect your delicate Hair Strands from the Stress and Damage caused by Curlers, Straighteners etc.
It contains Argan Oil (my personal favourite) which Smooths the Hair, and it also offers Protection from the Environment e.g. Wind, Sun, Humidity. 
A little of this product goes along way, so i suggest only 3-4 Pumps and run it through your Hair with your fingers. 

You can check out the Moroccanoil here-

Washing your Hair-
Washing your Hair on really Damaging.
I used to Wash my Hair every single day as i thought by washing it and applying major amounts of Conditioner, it was replenishing my Hair. I was wrong! 
Hair doesn't need to be washed every day! The Natural Oils (which we all know as Grease) are actually amazing for your Hair and scalp as it acts as a Natural Moisturiser and Conditioner!
I recommend  if your not leaving the House for a few days, leave your Hair alone! Your actually doing it good! 
Try to reduce washing your hair to once every 2 days! or if you can, go longer!
The longer you leave your hair, the less greasy it will get and over time, your Hair/Scalp will love you for it!

When i wash my Hair, i use natural Vegan products such as the Faith in nature Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner in Cold Water.

Washing your Hair in cold Water seals in the Moisture and increases Shine.

These products are gentle yet very powerful and make your Hair smell and feel so clean and light weight and most of all..moisturised. This Shampoo and Conditioner is great for both Normal to Dry Hair! 
Using Natural Ingredients, its a must have!!!!

Another Shampoo i highly recommend using is Faith in Nature Tea Tree. This Shampoo is so gently on my Scalp and really cleans my Hair. I love how you can feel it tingling and its also very cooling.

I highly recommend trying out Faith in Nature's products! They are Natural, Organic, Cruilty-free and Vegan! 
I have linked their Website below-

Natural Hair Moisturising Mask
Bow down to the Coconuts! Coconut isn't just great for the Skin, it is also wonderful for your Hair. Coconut Oil in fact! 
Coconut Oil penetrates the Hair giving it that lovely Smooth and Silky finish! It can also be used to seal down any Fly aways or unwanted Frizz. 

What i usually do is apply a quarter size dollop into my Palms and rub it between my hands until it becomes Liquidly  This warms/melts the Coconut Oil, so it doesn't leave clumps in your Hair. I would usually comb it through with a Wooden Comb and wrap my hair into a Bun on the Top of my Head and let it soak in overnight! Make sure you put a Towel on your Pillow, because it does get messy! (or just sleep in a shower cap) thats perhaps better :P
Then all i do, is wash it out in the morning using any of my Dr Organics Coconut Oil Shampoo & Conditioner!

I like to use these Products the morning after i used the Coconut Oil as i feel it work best! 
After i get out of the Shower, i usually like to run through my Hair a bit more Coconut Oil, then i let it fully Air dry!
Can you tell i like Coconut Oil! I smell like a Coconut haha

Brushing Wet Hair-
When your Hair is wet, it is a lot more fragile because its more elastic and more likely to break than brushing dry Hair.
I tend to brush my Hair the night before Washing it. I like to use my GHD Paddle Brush or my Wooden Comb.
Wooden Combs are better for your Hair as the Wooden Bristles soak up the Natural Oils and condition your strands top to bottom.
Also when your Hair is wet,don't rub to briskly with a Towel as you can easily damage and break your Hair. What i like to do is, gather my Wet Hair to one side, and with a Cotten T-shirt is gently squeeze out any excess Water. 
Using cotton on your Hair is a lot less damaging and leaves your Hair smoother & shiner as it doesn't take out the Moisture.

Getting your Hair Trimmed-
Getting Trims to your hair can be annoying if your Trying to grow it out! If you have amazing Hair that has no split ends you don't have to read this, but if you do, getting Trims  can be very Benificial!
Your Hair grows from your Scalp! A Happy Scalp=Happy Hair
Its always really confused me when people have said if you have Split or Dry ends your Hair won't grow because I used to think your Hair grew from the bottom...
Anyway, my point is, if you have Split ends your Hair won't grow! This is because the Split ends Break off, there for making it seem like your Hair never grows! Your Hair will not only look better but will feel super Smooth when your Hair get Trimmed.


The best way to get Healthy, Strong Hair is to make sure you are getting all of the correct Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients, as well as keeping to a healthy exercised lifestyle.

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Holly Jade


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