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Friday, 17 April 2015

Hidden Sugars on a Vegan Diet

There has been a lot of hype recently about hidden Sugars in Food. I have written several posts recently on different Confectionary and Drinks.
As much as we all love Treating ourselves to something Sweet and yummy, there are a few things to be aware of!
One of these in Particular is Sugar!!!
Sugar can come in all for in all sorts of Food.
Most People in the UK and Elsewhere in the World, eat too much Sugar. The Sugars that naturally occur in Food, for example Fruit and Milk, are Okay to consume and we don't need to Cut down on these, but its the Sugars that are in things like Sweets, Chocolate, Cakes, biscuits, Fizzy Drinks and Juice Drinks. Having too much Sugar in your Diet can make you unhealthy, it can cause to you put weight on and in extremes can become obese, increases the Risk of Heart Disease & Diabetes. 
It can also cause Tooth decay and Tooth Discolouration. I have written a post on Keeping Teeth White and Healthy if you would like to Check that out, here is the Link-

You can get an Idea of how much added Sugar is in a food by where the Sugar comes in the Ingredients list ( this is something i try to look out for now, when buying Sweet Treats occasionally). Also the Nutritional Information located on the Packaging will give you an indication of how much Sugar in Grams is in the Food. For example, 4 grams of Sugar is about 1 Teaspoon of Sugar. Also, its a great idea to look out for the Words used to indicate the added Sugars e.g.- Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, Corn syrup, Honey, Cane Sugar, Agave Nectar/Syrup , Invert Sugar and Hydrolysed Starch.

The higher it comes in the Ingredients list, the more Sugar will be in the Food/Drink.

I have also noticed, the often Vegan Confectionary and Foods may have more added Sugar. But often Companys that make Vegan Food, try to address this problem, by reducing the Sugar and adding in Healthier Alternatives e.g.- Natural Fruit Sugars.

I noticed in doing these Blog Posts and Reviews, how much Sugar is actually used in Foods. Some of the Products contain more Sugar than others.
In doing these Blog Posts and Reviews, i am in No way promoting eating High Sugar Foods, it is okay to enjoy Sweet Treats in moderation, with keeping to a Healthy, Balanced Diet. 

I wanted to write this post, as i don't think its talked about enough! :)

I hope this post is informative. I have learned all of this, be researching what i Eat and others. Being Healthy is of great importance to me. I have struggled with Sugar in the Past, but now i don't need Sugar (or use) Sugar as much as i used to. i can now Enjoy it as a Treat and not feel Guilty and not over Indulge. 

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Holly x 


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