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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Vegan at Zizzi Restaurant

I like to write posts about Restaurants & Dining out as reading up doesn't only help you guys, but it helps me too, to find new and exciting Restaurants to enjoy and who cater for me & my dietary needs.

Its nice to take time out and go out for a relaxing Meal, so why not choose Zizzi!

What is Zizzi?
Zizzi is a chain of beautiful Italian Restaurants dotted around the UK. Zizzi's Menu includes delicate Pasta dishes, Moorish Baked Pizzas and more! 
 Zizzi's Restaurants have a chilled out vibe with a Fresh Italian feel & Modern artwork!

Zizzis DO cater for Vegans but the Menu is Limited. 

On the Zizzi Website, you can get access to their Allergen Menu & it states all the Food for different Dietary Needs. 

Zizzi Allergen Menu Spring 2015

Vegan Menu
All dishes listed below ARE Suitable for Vegans

-Mixed Leaf, Tomato & Spring Onion Salad
-Tuscan Potatos 
-Green Beans
-Long Stem Broccoli
-Italian Naked Slaw

Breads & Nibbles-
-Zizzi Olives
-Fava Pepe (Basil Broad Bean Chips & Roquito Pepper Pearls)

Zizzi's unfortunately doesn't cook any Pasta/Pizza dishes suitable for Vegans, but they can make their Non-Vegan Pasta and Pizza's dishes Vegan.
The Pasta Zizzi use is Egg-Free and is made out of Semolina & Durum Wheat.

-Spaghetti Pomadora(Ask without Bufalo Mozzarella)
-Pappardellepollo Funghi-(Ask without Chicken)

-Skinny Primavera (Ask without Goats Cheese)
This Pizza contains Roasted Aubergine, Artichokes, Peppers, Slow Roasted Tomatos, Olives & Fresh Oregano, Toppings go on after Cooking for a Lighter Taste
Zizzi Skinny Pizzas are made on their New Wholemeal, White & Spelt Base served with an Italian Naked Slaw.

-Creamy & Sweet Lemon & Strawberry Sorbet
-Pomegranet Sorbet (Seasonal Scoop)
-Red Berry Compote Topper 

Kids Menu-
-Mini Pasta Pomodora (with Baby plum Tomatos & Fresh Basil)
-Mini Pasta Pomadora (for Tiny Tummies)
-Pizza Topping- Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers
-Green Beans
-Long Stem Broccoli
-Lemon & Strawberry Sorbet

For more information & Choices on the Bambino Menu, visit the Zizzi Link below :)

Below, i have Linked to the Allergy Menu where you can find the Egg, Gluten, Milk-free etc Menus....

I have been to Zizzi many times up & down the Country, and the staff have always been accommodating and helpful in choosing the perfect Meal to suit you!
(and its always super tasty) :)

I highly recommend Zizzi for a lovely Family outing paired with delicious, wholesome Food the whole Family will enjoy!

If you want anymore information, i have linked Zizzi's website below :)

You can also keep upto date with Zizzi on Social Media-

Enjoy Food in Style!

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Holly x 

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