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Monday, 1 June 2015

Pet Advice

Isn't my beautiful cat Tiggy Beautiful!<3

I have to start this off by saying my Cat is not Vegan, he eats whatever he wants (as long as he's happy & its suitable for Cat's) :P
 I just thought this post may be helpful to those struggling with Vegan pets & wondering where to get their Food.
I came across a company called, who don't only sell Vegan foods for Cats but for Dogs too which is awesome! sell a whole range of different Foods from Biscuits, Kibble (Kibble is Ground meal chopped into pellets), Canned Food & chew treats.

They also sell Collars, Leashes, Dietary Supplements  Vegan Starter Packs, Books & DVD's and Bath Care.
All of their products are 100% Vegan and are Cruelty free!
I don't know about you, but after becoming Vegan, i have a little issue dealing with my Cats meaty Food, and as he's been a little off his Food recently, i thought i'd try him out on some Healthy, Meat Free alternatives to see if his appetite picks up and if he enjoys it. I will only keep him on a Vegan diet if he enjoys it!!

Can Pets be Vegan?
Imagine your Pet like a Human, not all Humans enjoy eating Meat, same with Animals, the only difference is.....they can't tell you whether they don't like their Food...well only if he refuses to eat it & Barks/Growls at you :P

Each pet needs to be treated on its own basis for how well they adapt to a certain diet. 
If you are worried about immediately changing your Pets diet, then what is suggested you do is gradually include the Vegan Food until they are on a 50/50 Diet, 50% Meat, 50% Vegan then increase until he's on a complete Vegan Diet.

Every little bit of change towards a Vegan diet for your Pet reduces the demand for the consumption of Animal-based Products.

I am 100% prepared to put my Cats needs first so if he doesn't take to a Vegan Diet, i will have to keep him on his Meat diet & i will have to manage that somehow :) Sell Vegan Starter Packs. These Packs range from Deluxe to Evolution.

The Deluxe Starter packs contains-

 -1 can each of both flavours in the canned Evolution Diet dog food (Vegetable Stew and Gourmet Entree)
- 1 lb. bag of Evolution dog kibble
- A small container of Hoana’s VegeDog
- 1 lb. container of Hoana’s VegeYeast supplement

If you have a fussy dog, make sure to check out Thrive Cuisine for some amazing vegan dog food your adorable pooch will love!


-1 can of each Canned Evolution Cat food ( Gourmet Entree & Vegetable Stew)
-1lb. container of Hoana's Vege Yeast Supplement for Cats & Dogs
-1lb. bag of Evolution Cat Kibble 
-A small container of Hoana’s VegeCat, VegeCat pH or VegeKit (you choose the type desired)

These starter packs retail at £19.28 

The Evolution Starter packs contains-

-2 cans of Evolution Diet’s canned Food (1 can of Gourmet Entrée flavour)
-1 can of Vegetable Stew flavour
-1 lb. of their Vegan Cat Kibble

-2 cans of Evolution Diet’s canned food (1 can of Gourmet Entrée flavour
- 1 can of Vegetable Stew flavour
-1 lb. of their Vegan Dog Kibble

These starter packs retail at £5.83

When you buy a Starter pack, you save 10% off all of these products priced separately  Love a Bargain! :D

All of VeganCats Pet foods & products are reasonably priced, but cost a little extra than your Normal Pet food as they contain Healthy vegetables, Vitamins & Nutrients which are excellent to keep your Pet fit, healthy & active!! 

You can visit Vegan cats website here for more Product & lifestyle information-
( are based in American USA and ship Internationally)

I really hope this post helps you in finding your Pets perfect, healthy diet! 
The most important thing is to put your Pet first

Please comment if you have any questions , i'll be happy to answer and hopefully advise you :)

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Holly Jade

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