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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Hazelnut, Goldleaf & Chocolate Bark with a Hazelnut Spread recipe

Vegan Dairy-free homemade Chocolate with Hazlenuts, Edible Gold Leaf & homemade Vegan Hazlenut Chocolate drizzle!
Ever since i was young, i have always loved Ferrero Rocher's chocolates. It is Hazlenut covered in a smooth layer of smooth Hazlenut Chocolate (Nutella) with a Crunchy Wafer shell.

I wanted to create a Chocolate slab/Bark which looked like Ferrero Rocher(including the wrapper, hence the Gold Leaf)

As they contain Dairy, i wanted to experiment around with some ingredients to come up with a delicious Treat for us Vegans!
Why should us Vegans get to miss out on Delicious Nutella & Hazelnut goodness! :D

This Chocolate Bark would be great as a Cupcake Topping or Decoration, in special Desserts or just to snack on :)

The gold Leaf makes this Chocolate extra special,and can be used/given as a gift for a Golden Wedding Anniversary.....just a thought :)

-1/2 Cup of Cacao or Cocoa (30grams)
-42grams of Coconut Oil
-1 Tablespoon of Maple syrup
-1 Tablespoon of smooth Almond Butter

Nutella Drizzle-
-48grams of Dairy-free Chocolate (I used Kinnerton Dairy,Egg,Gluten & Nut-free Luxury Dark Chocolate Bar)
-207grams of Roasted unsalted Hazelnuts
-1/4 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
- Pinch of Sea Salt

-Large Handful of Chopped Hazelnuts
-Gold Leaf (Optional) ( I picked the Gold Leaf up from Ocado for £4.15, i will link it for you below-


Lets start off with the Nutella Drizzle
Step 1- Pre-heat your oven at 180degrees, and line a baking tray with grease proof paper. Sparsely scatter the Whole Hazelnuts onto the paper & pop the tray into the Oven for 10-15minutes until roasted, then place to one side to cool slightly.
 (Roasting them makes them easier to blend) 

Step 2- Add the roasted Hazelnuts into a Blender (i went for my Nutribullet) and whizz up until a smooth butter forms (now its starting to smell like Nutella)

Step 3- Melt the Chocolate either by Microwave, or a BanMarie. When the Chocolate is hot, gooey & irresistible, pour it over the Hazelnut Butter, followed by the Vanilla Extract and Salt.
(Save a little chocolate for Drizzling)

Step 4- Blend again to combine all ingredients.

If the Nutella isn't sweet enough,you can add a Tablespoon of Maple Syrup or Agave Nectar (optional)

 Leave Nutella to oneside for drizzling on the Bark.

If you wanted to save the Nutella for another day, store in an airtight Jar or container at room temperature. Use within 1 week.

Double Ingredients for more Nutella Goodness! This could even be used on Toast for Breakfast, in a Sandwich, with Crackers or to nibble on when peckish!

Chocolate Bark-
Step 1- Line a tray or flat plate with Grease proof paper.

Step 2- Place a Saucepan on the hob on a low heat. Create a Banmarie and melt the Coconut Oil. 

Step 3- When the Coconut Oil is smooth & runny, pour into a large mixing bowl and whisk in the Maple Syrup, a pinch of Sea Salt, Almond Butter, Cocao/Cocoa Powder and left over Hazelnuts, until thoroughly mixed.

Step 4- Carefully spoon the mixture onto the prepared tray or Plate and spread out until fully even & level. It should be around 1/2cm thick.

Step 5- Sprinkle on the chopped Hazelnut pieces,a drizzle of Chocolate, Nutella Mixture & Gold Leaf (for a special touch)

Step 6- Place tray or plate into the Freezer on a flat surface and leave to solidify for around 20 minutes ( I left mine for an hour, i made sure it was rock solid before breaking it apart and tucking in) 

Step 7- Once fully Frozen, break apart and share with friends or family. Place into a box as a thoughtful gift or top Cakes & Desserts. 

It surely makes Chocolate exciting! 
I don't suggest leaving it out of the freezer for long, as it will melt :)

If you like, give it a try yourself, and let me know how you get on, 
I hope you liked this recipe!
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Holly x

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