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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Why Parabens Free?

This post is going to be talking about why i have decided to go Parabens free for my Body & Health.
In this post, i am focussing mainly on Parabens in Deodorants  but there are other additives that are also concerning and that is why i choose to try and be as natural as possible with my Skin care products.

There has been Scientific evidence that suggest that Parabens has a direct link to Cancer. Scientists have found high levels of Parabens in Tumours (Breast Tumours particually) and this is why it has been suggested that Parabens is a link to Cancer and is best avoided. 
Some Scientists say that more research is called for into the link between Parabens and Cancer as they don't think there is enough conclusive evidence, but i would rather be cautious and avoid parabens if i can.

But first, let me tell you what Parabens are!

What are Parabens?
  • Parabens are a used Preservative. They are widely used in Cosmetic and Skincare products.
  • Parabens are effective preservatives of many types of formulas. These compounds, and their salts, are used primarily for their Bactericidal and Fungicidal properties. They can be found in Shaving Gels/Creams, Moisturisers, Tanning Creams, Toothpaste, Make-up, Deodorants etc.
  • Your Skin is the largest Organ on your body, and needs to be treated with care. It is a transport system amoungst other Factors, as it acts like a Sponge and soaks up ingredients & Chemicals into your bloodstream, so you want to be mindful and careful about what you put onto your Skin.

I have been trying to source out some good, Parabens Free Deodorants. 
There is conflicting evidence, as i have read from the National Cancer Institute that there is no conclusive evidence that Anti-perspirants or Deodorants cause Breast Cancer, but on the other hand, i have read a lot about the possible links between Anti-perspirants containing Parbens and Breast Cancer/Tumours.
I would prefer to avoid any Chemicals where it is suggested there is a Cancer Link. 


I have read that Cancer causing substances in Deodorants are absorbed through Shaving Cuts in the Arm pit.

When Deodorant is applied under the Arm Pit, Chemicals within the Deodorants can be absorbed through the Cuts and deposited within the Lymph nodes.

Because the Anti-perspirant/Deodorant prevents you from Sweating, its not able to get rid of the Toxins and Chemicals through Sweating and this is why there is a strong link between Anti-perspirants and Breast Cancer. 

Some people believe the reason men have a lower risk of Breast Cancer is because they do not shave their Underarms like Women and there underarm hair keeps Chemicals in Anti-perspirants from being Absorbed into the Skin.


Here is a brand i have sourced from the internet
1. North Coast Organics

North Coast Organics are a 100% Organic, Natural and Vegan company who make handmade Deodorants, Bath Crystals, Scent Sticks, Body Butters, Organic Candles, Lip Balms, Massage Oils and Hand & Body Butters. 

North Coast Organics is against Testing on Animals (so is Cruelty Free!) They are Certified Vegan by Vegan.Org and Certified Organic by the Ecocert ICO. 

The ingredients used in their products have been ethically sourced and they are made from the finest Ingredients. 
I have started to use these Deodorants as opposed to convenient spray Anti-perspirants. All 4 of these Deodorants are smooth in texture and go on without clumps or white Marks. They all have a nice, natural smell which is refreshing.

My personal favourite is Death by Lavender. 
This Deodorant in particular has a scent burst as soon as you take off the Lid which is lovely. You smell like you've wandered through a floral garden and reminds me of the hot summer days.

 These Proudcts are Aluminium, Parabens and BPA-Free

I feel a lot happier and more comfortable using these products as it reduces my risk and keeps me fresh throughout the day! What can be better than that? :)

The Deodorants i have taken photos of are the Travel Size, and are perfect to take on the go and out and about for a refreshing touch! 

The Travel size retail at- $3.49 (£2.30)

The Normal size retail at- $9.99 (£6.59)


All these products & MORE can be found on NCO's Website-

Thankyou so much to the kind people over at North Coast Organics for very generously sending me these great products to use & enjoy!  I may need to invest in the large ones soon... :)
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

North Coast Organics are a USA company and can be found all across the beautiful USA.
You can find them at these retailers-

Im not 100% sure, but i do think they ship WORLDWIDE

Discover North Coast Organics -

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Holly Jade

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