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Monday, 19 October 2015

TeaTree-The Wonder Product!

First of all, let me tell you what TeaTree is!

What is TeaTree?
TeaTree is an essential oil, which comes from leaves on the Melaleuca alternifolia plant (wow, thats a mouth full to say) 
Colour of TeaTree Oil differs from every bottle, some can be a light yellow and others can be clear. 

TeaTree Oil has many benefits and uses. It is widely used in Hair products and Cosmetics (in low concentrations of course, as it is extremely strong)

TeaTree Oil has been said to help many Conditions such as Acne,Insect bites, Lice,Thrush, Eczema  Ear infections, Ringworm, Dandruff, Athletes foot and many other conditions as it is a natural Antiseptic, anti fungal and has healing properties.


Not too long ago, i was suffering from a Scalp irritation. I went to the Doctors, and they prescribed me some Steroid cream which i was extremely worried about... especially as its going on my scalp! I try to use natural products and after googling my symptoms online (which girls, i know we all do and need to stop :P ), it recommended that i apply a tiny amount of TeaTree Oil onto my scalp. After 4 days, my irritation was less angry and sore, it felt somewhat back to normal. I really do put this down to TeaTree Oil, as it contains Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial properties. 

Make sure you only apply a small amount at a time, as too much pure TeaTree Oil on your skin can cause an adverse reaction, such as Skin Irritations/ do be careful especially if you have sensitive skin.It is a good idea to dilute the pure oil in another oil like olive oil.

I myself have been using Tea tree Oil for a good 3 years now. I first started using it when i had mild break outs on my face and when the winters cold weather would arrive to challenge my system. 

At night, i would lightly dab a tiny amount on my skin, and by the morning, redness was less visible. Once i dap the Oil onto my broken out skin, i instantly feel it working. My Skin tingles and feels nice and cool.
Even now and again, i will have a mild break out and i will always go back to my Oil. The reason this Oil helps breakouts and acne as it penetrates your Pores, loosening up blocked Oils and bacteria that can worsen into "Bad Skin"

Sometimes i am clumsy and have end up falling over something, causing minor cuts/abbrasions, mainly on my poor old Knees. Just dabbing a little TeaTree Oil on your Cuts can prevent you from getting an infection.


My Mum also believes in using natural products, and when i was young (even now when i have a cold) she puts approximately 4-5 drops of the TeaTree Oil on a piece of Tissue and place it somewhere in my room, so while i  sleep, it helps to clear my Sinuses (as we all know how miserable having a blocked nose is!!! ahh) You can also add a few drops into some boiling water and inhale the steam. This will also help clear your Sinuses.


The TeaTree Oil i highly recommended is the Dr Organics Pure TeaTree Oil. It is Bio-active (meaning it has a biological effect) and is Organicaly Certified. 
It is a 10ml bottle, which is enough considering how powerful this stuff is! A little goes a long way!!!

I absolutely LOVE the smell of this Oil. It is fresh with a very pleasant aroma, which lasts! `Its very pungent which isn't everybody's cup of tea, but personally i could sniff it all day (but that would be a little odd) :P


I am not a medical professional, i am just passionate on finding the best natural products, that actually work wonders!!!
Teatree oil is safe...but Toxic if Swallowed, so do be careful and DO NOT SWALLOW! :)

This Post is not sponsored, all views are my own :)
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Holly x

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