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Friday, 13 November 2015

Fruit Scones

Vegan, Dairy-free, Wheat/Gluten-free, Low Sugar
Fruity Vegan Scones with Soya Cream & Jam!
Whether you pronounce them as Scones or 'Scon's, I'm sure these will not disappoint! 
Scones are typically served with Jam & Cream with a Cuppa' Tea. I like to enjoy mine with a squirt of Soya Cream, Low Sugar Strawberry Jam and a nice Iced Latte.....bliss!
These are super easy & simple to make..perfect for a sweet Afternoon Tea Party or just to nibble on! 
-225grams of Self Raising Flour ( I used Doves Farm Wheat & Gluten-free)
-25grams of Caster Sugar 
-41grams of Dairy-free Butter (I used Soya)
-125ml of Soya Milk
-Dried Fruit ( I used 60 Grams of Dried Strawberries & 50 grams of Dried Blueberries)
This Recipe makes Approximately 12 scones!

Lets get baking.....

Step 1- Pre-heat your Oven to 190degrees and line a Baking tray with Greaseproof Paper.

Step 2- In a Large mixing bowl, add the Flour, Dried fruit & Butter and rub together with your hands until it resembles fine BreadCrumbs.

Step 3- Sprinkle in the Sugar and Milk,continuing to mix with your Hands.
Once the Milk is poured in, the mixture should form a Sticky Dough.

Step 4- Transfer the Dough from the Bowl onto a clean, Floured Surface.

Step 5- Knead the Dough in the Floured Surface and begin to roll out with a Rolling Pin until around an Inch thick.

Step 6- Use a Cookie Cutter to cut out your Scones and place them onto your prepared, lined Baking tray.

Step 7- Lightly glaze the top of the Scones with some Soya Milk and place the tray into the Oven on the Middle Rack. Bake for 12 Minutes! DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN.

Intermission dance.....

Step 8- After 12-14 minutes carefully remove the tray from the Oven and place Scones onto a Cooling Rack.
Once cooled, apply your Jam & Cream,get your favourite drink and sit back & enjoy :)
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If you like, give this a try yourself and let me know how you get on, i hope you like this recipe!
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Holly jade


  1. yum these sound delicious! I have all of the ingredients in my cupboard so I will HAVE to make them asap ;) beautiful post too! xx

    1. Aww thankyou so much! They are delicious with some Soya Cream and Jam!!! If you have instagram, make sure to tag me so i can have a look :) xx


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