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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Karma Cola

Drink No Evil!
Karma Cola is a drinks company based in the UK.
Their Drinks do NOT contains nasty Chemicals or Artificial anything! Just pure, fresh flavour!
It is very hard to find Fizzy drinks that don't contain Artifical sweeteners like Aspartame & Sucrolose, especially in supermarkets and on the go.

You can read up about why Artificial Sweeteners are bad for your Health:

Every ingredient that goes into making their delicious Drinks is sourced from Organic, Fair-trade farmers based all around the world- South-America, West Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Sicily and a little south Island off New Zealand....basically everywhere i want t go!

 Karma Cola Drinks are Vegan & GMO-freeAlso, the Drinks are made with light Sugar which hasn't been Bleached with Sulpher. whoop!!

A little History about the company-

" The Karma Cola Foundation was founded on the principle that the eight communities we support in the Tiwai region of Sierra Leone know what’s best for them.
 They decide what projects they want funded.The first, the Makenneh Bridge, joins the old and new parts of Boma. Other projects include sending 50 young people to school, installing a primary school teacher, building a rice processing plant to ensure security and self sufficiency of food supply and rehabilitating 25 acres of rainforest farms.This is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial partnership. Our aim is to sell as many fizzy drinks as possible.
 The more we sell, the more good we can do."
Karma Cola have created 3 mouth-quenching fizzy Drinks which will be sure to get your tongue tingling!
The flavours are-

I love the Glass Bottles, especially with the awesome, youthful & quirky graphics...which are very unique and inviting!
LemonyLemony is a tangy, fizzy Lemonade made from Organic Lemons and Fair-trade/Organic Cane Sugar.
Lemon is great for the Digestive Enzymes, Balances PH Levels, contains Anti-Cancer Properties, Contains Vitamic C....these are just a few. 
Carbonated Water*, Organic Sugar, 31% Organic Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Natural Flavour from Citrus Extracts*, Natural Grapefruit Flavour* and Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C*), *Non-Organic Ingredient, Sugar: traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards, total 89.6% (dry weight)
GingerellaGingerella is a fiery & crisp fizzy Ginger Ale made from fresh Ginger, Cane Sugar, Vanilla and Lemons.
Ginger is great for your digestion, activates your Digestive Juices, helps to absorb essential Nutrients, helps to clear sinuses (especially during the Colder months), helps you feel less Nauseous, has AntiInflammatory properties....these are just a few.
Carbonated Water*, Organic Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice from Concentrate, Ginger, Vanilla and Natural Flavours from Clove Extract* and Capsicum Extract*, *Non-Organic Ingredient, Sugar, Ginger & Vanilla: Traded in compliance with Fair-trade Standards, total 92% (dry weight)
Karma ColaKarmas originally Cola is made from Original Cola Nut, grown by the Mende and Temne people in Sierra Leone (west Africa)
Proceeds of each bottle sold go to the Farmers/Growers families.
I love Cola and this Drink has a genuine Cola flavour. To me, it tastes very similar to Cola Bottle Sweets! yum yum!!!
Carbonated Water*, Organic Sugar, Cola Extract* (incl. Cola Nut from Sierra Leone, Organic BARLEY Malt Extract and Vanilla Extract), Organic Lemon Juice from Concentrate, *Non-Organic ingredient, Sugar & Vanilla: Traded in compliance with Fairtrade Standards, total 89.8% (dry weight)I looooveee Fizzy Drinks, the nice ice cool fizz against my mouth...especially on a warm,sunny day! Its delightful.
They are great to take out and about with you as the bottle has a screw top.
Also, with it being a Glass bottle, you don't get any BPA (BisphenolA) which is a man made chemical which can be harmful when used.

These Drinks can be enjoyed all year round and can be purchased at your local Waitrose!

You can also find karma Cola on Ocado (Online store) linked below-

Retail price- £1.59 (100ml Bottle)

Thankyou so much to the kind people over at Karma Cola for very generously sending
me these yummy Drinks to try & enjoy..and most importantly, stay cool! yum yum.Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

Discover Karma Cola-


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Hope this post was informative, and look forward to more Recipes, Beauty posts & advice coming very soon! 
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