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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Benefits of Chia Seed

Chia Seeds have quickly become my favourite superfood & topping for almost every meal/snack! I even sprinkle them in Water for a Protein boost.
Chia Seeds are also known as a Superfood as they contain many Nutrients, Minerals and Proteins.
They Originate from the Aztec culture & they are Seeds from the Chia Plant, Salvia Hispanica. They are Desert Plants grown in Mexico. 
In the Aztec culture, ''Chia'' means Strength as they were often seen as a food that would boost energy and had medicinal properties. 

Chia Seeds are very easy to digest and very versatile. 
I have used Chia Seeds in almost every recipe on my Blog, as i want to boost the Health Benefits in my Cooking & Baking.

There are various ways your can use Chia Seed in your Cooking/Baking.  You can eat them whole & Dry, Soaked, or you can grind them up. 
The good thing about Chia Seeds compared too Flaxseed is that you can eat them whole and still get the nutritional benefit. 
If you didn't know, Chia Seeds make a great Egg replacer, as they swell up in water and jellify in texture. This helps to bind ingredients together.

Check out my latest Recipe using Chia Seed Egg Replacer-

There are soooo many good reasons why we should include Chia in our diet. 
Keep reading to find out their Benefits & more information on this Super-seed!!!

Chia Seeds have multiple benefits.
Below, i have listed the Nutritional benefits of Chia Seed.
-Quality Protein
-Great source of Omega 3 fatty acids
-Great source of Omega 6 fatty acids
-Dietary Fibre
-Vitamins A,B,D & E

Below, i have listed some of the main Health benefits of consuming Chia Seeds:
Chia Seed is high in Fibre, and provides around 11grams of Fibre per ounce.
As Chia Seed is high in Dietary Fibre, it helps to regulate the Bowel. It also helps you feel full faster, because they absorb and expands in the Stomach when eaten.
It is said to help reduce snacking/cravings which may help to loose weight, naturally. 

Energy & Metabolism
Studies have shown that consuming Chia Seeds help to boost your Metabolism.
Chia Seed is seen as a Metabolic boosting food.

As Chia Seeds are high in Protein & Antioxidants, they helps to build Muscles and  support healthy growth of Hair, Skin, Nails...

It is believed that Chia Seeds have the ability to regulate Cholesterol, lower Blood pressure & reverse inflammation.
Chia Seeds contain a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is needed to protect the Heart by lowering the Blood pressure, bad Cholesterol and any inflammation.

Chia Seeds are known to stop the symptoms of Diabetes and also to reverse them, because they are very rich in Alpha-Linolenic Acid (or ALA) which is a fatty acid, & Fibre.

Chia Seeds contain a great source of Calcium, this helps to maintain healthy Bones. It also contains Boron, which is a Mineral that is also good for Bone health.

Fight Cancer
It is thought that Alpha-Linolenic acid (or ALA) which is an Omega 3 fatty acid found in Chia Seeds lowers the growth of Cancer cells in Cervical & Breast Cancer.
It has also been found that it can help Cancer cells to die out without harming the healthy/good cells.


Chia Seed Side Effects (Cautions)
It is thought that there are very few side effects of consuming Chia Seeds, but as Chia Seeds are high in Fibre...some people could experience Stomach discomfort.
Although there are very few side effects, in very rare cases, Chia Seeds have been known to cause a problem restricting the Oesophagus in susceptible people who have a history of swallowing problems. 
The reason why this is, is because if Chia Seeds are consumed dry, they can expand in the mouth/throat due to the Saliva before they have been fully digested. 
Even if they are consumed with Water, they can still swell in the mouth/throat.

Its really important to seek medical treatment if you have problems swallowing after consuming Chia Seeds.
In the majority of people, Chia Seeds do NOT cause a health risk and are extremely beneficial to your Health.

So....sprinkle and enjoy! yum yum!!!


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