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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Vegan Nicecream

Vegan, Dairy-free, Guilt-free!

I am a sucker for a bowl of Ice-cream, especially when topped off with my favourite toppings.

'Nice' cream is cool, creamy and easily satisfies a sweet tooth, without being cram packed with un-nessasary Sugars!

I came up with this recipe experimenting in the Kitchen with my favourite Ingredients.

To add some extra sweetness, i made a Strawberry Drizzle using only Strawberries, Water & a dash of Maple syrup.

Whizzing up & heating the Strawberries makes a delicious and more natural Strawberry Sauce than sugary ready made Sauce, and its so easy to make! 

It can make Breakfast fun and exciting, especially when decorating!!!
Some Health Benefits in this Dessert:

-Helps to Boost Energy
-Good in Nutrients
-Good source of Zinc, Iron & Fibre
-Good in Protein

-Good in Fibre
-Great in Protein
-Good source of Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids
-Contain a lot of Minerals
-Good in Vitamin B6

-Good source of Fibre & Potassium 
-Slow release of Natural Sugars
-High in Vitamin C & B6
-Great for Heart health
-Help to aid Digestion

-Great in quality Protein
-Loaded with Antioxidants
-High in Fibre
-High in Omega 3 fatty acids
-High in important Bone Nutrients

-Vitamin C
-Boosts Immunity
-Good for Eye Health
-Helps to fight Cancer

All of the above foods have soooo many health Benefits that improve overall health & wellness! 

Ingredients for the 'Nice Cream'
-5 Bananas (peeled, roughly chopped & Frozen)
-1/2 Cup of Unsalted Pistachio Nuts
-1 Tablespoon of Chia Seeds
-10 Teaspoons of Almond Milk
-1 Teaspoon of Maple Syrup
Ingredients for the Strawberry Drizzle
-2 Cups of Strawberries (roughly chopped)
-1 cup of Water
-2 Teaspoons of Maple Syrup
-Strawberries (finely Sliced)
-Coconut Chips 
-Pistachio Nuts
-Chia Seeds

Step 1- Place the Frozen Bananas, Almond milk, Maple Syrup, Pistachio Nuts and Chia Seeds into a Food Processor/Blender, and whizz up until the consistency turns like Ice-cream.
This will taken around 3-4 minutes.
If its too thick, just add more Almond Milk until its smooth enough!

To make the Drizzle
Step 1- Place the Strawberries, Water & Maple Syrup into a Saucepan on the Hob, and gently heat until the Strawberries become soft.
Step 2- Transfer the soft Strawberries into a Food Blender and Blend until smooth.
Place back into the Pan and turn up the heat until it reduces down.
Once its prepared, place into a bowl or container and place into the Fridge to slightly thicken & keep cool.

Now heres the fun part....making your NICE CREAM!
I piled up my Nice cream and decorated it with some Sliced Strawberries, Pistachios, Maui & Sons Coconut Chips and to be a little fancy, i added some edible Gold leaf for a nice touch!

Read up more about Maui & Sons-

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I hope you enjoyed this recipe!

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Holly Jade

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