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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds have become a big part of my diet recently due to their wonderful benefits!

Sesame seeds are slightly overlooked as opposed to Chia seeds or Flaxseed, as people don't know what to do with them. They should not be overlooked as they are seen as a Superfood because they contain a great source of Nutrients & Vitamins.
Just a handful of Sesame a day provides enough recommended levels of phenolic antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and protein.
Sesame seeds are valued for their content of Sesame Oil too!

Sesame seeds have a great variety of benefits-
-Dietary Fibre
-Vitamin B1

Sesame seeds are high in Dietary Fibre, which is great for Digestion & regulating the bowel- 100g of Sesame seeds= 12g Fibre.
Fibre is the most important element for maintaining a healthy Digestion. It can help to reduce symptoms like Consitpation and Diarrhoea, and also reduces the risk of Cancer and Gastrointestinal Diseases!

Bone Health-
Calcium is vital to maintain strong & healthy bones!
Sesame seeds contain a high level of Minerals such as Calcium & Zinc, and these help the body maintain Bone health!

Sesame Oil has been proven to help prevent Diabetes and also Hypersensitive Diabetics!

As i have said a million times on my blog, Protein is majorly important on a Vegan & Vegetarian diet.
 Sesame seeds contain high quality Protein which makes up 20% of the Seed with 4.7g of Protein per ounce. 

Blood pressure
Sesame seeds contain a high amount Magnesium and Manganese has been proven to help reduce Blood Pressure!

Helps Anxiety
Calcium & Magnesium (found in Sesame seeds) are stress-relieving Minerals. 
Sesame also contains calming Vitamins which helps to produce Serotonin which can help your Mood, help reduce Pain and it can also aid the quality of Sleep.

Skin & Hair
Sesame seeds contain a good level of Zinc which is vital in the formation of Collagen which helps to maintain healthy growth of Skin, Hair & Muscles!
Also Sesame seed Oil is great for maintaining a healthy Scalp & Hair.

I have listed below some more health benefits of Sesame seeds below-
-Strengthens Muscle Tissue
-Helps to boost Oral Health
-Lowers the risk of Cancer
-Lowers Cholesterol
-Anti-inflammatory properties
-Reducing the risk of Hypertension

Sesame seeds Side Effects (Cautions)
It is thought that there are very few side effects of consuming Sesame seeds, but as they are high in large amounts, some people could experience Stomach discomfort.

It is always important to seek medical treatment/advice if you experience problems with a certain Food.
In the majority of people, Sesame seeds do NOT cause a health risk and are extremely beneficial to your health & diet.
So....sprinkle and enjoy! yum yum!!!
My favourite ways to enjoy these delicious Nutty seeds are sprinkled onto Salads & Bread or adding into baking for a boost of Nutrients & flavour. They also make a great addition to Pasta & Sauces!!!

Sesame can be found in Tahini Paste, which is a main ingredient to Hummus.
 Find my spicy Jalapeño, sun-dried Tomato & Red Pepper Hummus recipe below-

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Holly Jade


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