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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Vegan Hummus! with Jalapeño, Sundried Tomato & Red Peppers

Vegan, Dairy-free, Wheat-free, Gluten-free

Hummus has to be one of my favourite dips at it is SOOO versatile! There are so many delicious variations that can be made using Hummus.
Hummus is usually a thick & creamy dip mostly made out of Chickpeas and tahini! Chickpeas are a great source of Protein (which is vital on a Vegan diet), Fibre, Manganese, Folate and more!!!

Hummus is very quick and easy to make and can be enjoyed as a snack, along side Pitta, Tortilla Chips, Breadsticks or Vegetables.

I like to enjoy my Hummus with Schär Gluten-free Breadsticks! 
These Breadsticks are suitable for Coelics or for those with Gluten or Wheat intolerance's!
I am a huge fan of Schär and i highly recommend their products.
 I have linked their website below-

Lets get cooking...

-1 can of Chickpeas
-4 Teaspoons of Tahini Paste
-1/4 cup of Jalapeños
-1/2 cup of Sundried Tomatos
-2 Teaspoons of Olive Oil
-1 Lemon (Juice)
-1/2 a Red Pepper
-Pinch of Salt

Step 1- Drain the Chickpeas and rinse.

Step 2- Place all of the Ingredients in a Food Processor and whizz up until smooth, creamy and combined.
You can add in more Lemon Juice if you want it more citrus. If you would like it creamier, you can add in more olive oil.

You can serve immediatly or it can be kept in a sealed container in the Fridge for a few days. 

I served up mine with a sprinkle of dried Basil and chopped up Sundried Tomatoes.

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Holly Jade


  1. Mmm sundried tomato is my favourite flavour hummus! I have never tried adding chilli though, I will try it next time!

    1. Its a delicious combo! Especially with the Lemon juice too! :)


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