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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pure ABBA Haircare

Pure ABBA is a Professional Haircare company based in New york, USA.
All ABBA products are 100% Vegan, Gluten-free and made without Parabens, DEA, Synthetic colour additives, Sulphates, Sodium Chlorides and Phthalates.

ABBA is a NON Animal testing company
As it states on their website-
''ABBA® has a strict policy that animals can NEVER be used for testing in the creation, development or formulation of our products. We also require that all of our raw material and ingredient suppliers sign a commitment stating that none of the raw materials or ingredients that they sell to us have ever been tested on animals. Like you, we never want to see animals harmed and are proud to produce and sell Cruelty-Free beauty products''
I think their beliefs and way of running their company is amazing! 
My Hair type-
Recently I've been having a few issues with my Hair (which has sucked big time)
Being on a Vegan diet it is essential you look into your diet to see if your getting enough Nutrients & Vitamins.
My Hair is now past my waist and has started to get dryer quicker and alot finer towards the ends.
I have had to address my Protein intake as i think my Hair has been affected in the past,because of my Diet and my Hair has been in need of serious conditioning, especially as the UK has been warming up...which is really weird :P

As Hair is made up of Protein, it is the most vital Nutrient we must get into our diet to keep our luscious locks shiny, soft and healthy! 

ABBA have created their wonderful products using ProQuinoa complex.
Their products contain Pure ingredients and they have created the first Haircare products containing Gluten-free ProQuinoa Complex.
''ABBA’s ProQuinoa Complex™ is the next evolution of this commitment. Our unique formulas unite the power of three powerful proteins, Quinoa, Barley and Soy, to strengthen and repair damaged hair. All ABBA® products contain our ProQuinoa Complex™ to delivery unparalleled performance.''

Quinoa- A complete protein that contains eight essential amino acids to bring moisture and strength to each strand of hair.

Barley- A food-grade protein that infuses hair with lasting moisture.

Soy- This special protein delivers body and control to even the most stubborn hair and does not contain any gluten.

ABBA have a range of products from Styling Gels, Conditioners, Hair creams and Shampoos.
They also have a variety of products specific to Hair types, whether you have Dry Hair, Hair in need of Volume & Protection or Hair in need of Moisture, Recovery & Styling. 

The very lovely people over at RED PR kindly sent me some goodies to try and review!

Lets start off with the Moisture duo!
I honestly LOVE this duo!
The Shampoo lathers up really well and is very cleansing on the Scalp. It smells really nice of Peppermint (due to the ingredients of Peppermint Oil) & leaves a fresh scent in your Hair which i personally love.

The first time i used this in the Shower, it made my Head go ICE COLD. This is because the Peppermint is a Menthol and helps to circulate the Blood flow on the scalp! It actually felt quite nice & cooling.
Tingling Shampoos can actually help relieve a dry and Itchy Scalp.

The Conditioner is very Moisturising and hydrating, great for Dry and brittle Hair! It contains Peppermint & Olive Oil (the same as the matching Shampoo) when together in a product, create high pro forming Hair prodycs! 
They are both suitable for daily use.

I would highly reccomend this Duo for Dry or Bleached Hair as it really absorbs into the Hair leaving you with tangle-free, silky tresses!

These products retail at-
236ml= $17.00
1l= $37.00
236ml= $18.00
1l= $36.00

Pure ABBA also stock some other Conditioners such as the Recovery Treatment Conditioner & the Gentle Conditioner!
Both of these products are Treatments for your Hair and can be used daily to strengthen week and damaged Hair.
These products Retail at-
Gentle Conditioner
Recovery Treatment

Volume & Style GEL!
The Volume Gel is great for scrunching into your Hair before you Curl it to give a flexible hold and a more amplified look, especially for Fine & limp Hair. It also helps to shield Hair from Heat, whether that be Blowdrying, Curling, or even the Suns rays!
It contains Lemongrass & Grapefruit for a Natural & fresh scent!

The Style Gel provides a flexible hold when applied to dry or damp Hair. Its great for rescuing damaged Hair due to the ProQuinoa Complex.
It also contains Avacado which (if you read my Blog) is great for the Hair!
You can read up why Avacado is good for Hair below-

I really like the texture & dimension the Volume Gel adds to my Hair! I have long, fine Hair and it can be hard to get any lift, so this product will be one i will be using for awhile!
I highly recommend it for those with Long Hair that is easily weighed down.

These products retail at-
Volume Gel
200ml= $18.00
Style Gel
200ml= $18.00
My favourite time is when my hair is freshly washed,as i can try out all different serums, creams and stylers!
Volumising Root spray- Adds volume & lift creating the illusion of thicker Hair= WIN! (And it also comes with a handy nossle to get right into your Roots) -$18.00

Thermal Protect- Protects your Hair from Heat, so especially good for those sunny days, or when Heat is applied e.g.- Blowdrying. -$20.00

Style spray- Acts like a Hairspray and is medium hold. I really like this product when sprayed on to Curls,  and its easily brushes out! -$20.00

Soothing Blow Dry Lotion- Light weigh Lotion which helps to tame Frizz and enhance shine...bonus it smells AMAZING! -$18.00

Texturising cream- Weightless separation and light hold, perfect for a beachy wave sort of day!  - $18.00
Plus this cream comes in a small tub perfect to take on Holiday or in your wash bag and it won't take up too much room!

All of the products in this blog post can be found on ABBA's website-

Find a Salon locator near you-

Discover Pure ABBA on Social Media-

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Holly Jade


  1. This is really a great hair shampoo and one of my favorites these days in my rotation. I have fine but a lot of it naturally very frizzy dry wavy hair with oily prone roots, great combo lol. It is tough finding a shampoo out there that moisturized my length but doesn't weigh down my hair.

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