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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Dolma Perfumes

Dolma Perfumes is a perfume company based in the UK.
They sell a range of Vegan & Gluten-free Perfumes, Aftershaves and Cosmetics.
 They are a certified Cruelty-free company!!! 

The Dolma Perfume pledge (as stated on their website)-
''Dolma is dedicated to producing fine fragrance that doesn’t harm a single animal. When people discover the origin of the ingredients in their well-known brand of fragrance, they are appalled. We want our fine fragrance to be 100% cruelty-free.
We are a nation of animal lovers – 13 million, 46% of UK households have pets. We feel that the testing and use of animals in perfume and cosmetics is intolerable.
We pledge to continue supporting non-animal testing and using non-animal derived ingredients when we produce our beautiful fragrances.
Like you, we believe animals should be free to live their lives without experiencing pain, suffering or exploitation.

Our suppliers share the same beliefs and each ingredient is verified before we buy.
This means you can be confident your favourite fragrance is cruelty free:
-We do not test on animals
-We use no animal-derived ingredients, and
-We have no association with companies who do so!
We can do this because we are an independently owned business!''

I got my hands on the Perfume box set which contains 12 mini trial size perfumes! 
The box includes the Fragrences-
-Cushie B
(It has a spicy/musky undertone with Citrus notes. Perfect if you like stronger scents)
(This is a really nice & light floral scent, made with Vanilla & can be worn anytime of the day for a refreshing floral burst of fragrance)
(A very musky scent which isn't one of my favourites but it would be a great evening time/ a night out perfume)
(This has a light & airy scent. It contains delicate Apple fragrance based on Frangipani which smells delicious. I really like this one!)
(It has a delightful floral scent which woody undertones, which is very sophisticated & delicate. A really nice Perfume!)
(This perfume is very strong and has a fiery kick! Great for nights out)
(This is another one of my favourites. Its soft & mild with Peach & floral notes. Perfect for Summer!)
-Amethyst Mist
(This is another strong & potent Fragrance. Its made with some of the most expensive essential oils. Fancy! It also has undertones of Florals such as rose & Jasmine.
(This is my favourite scent as its very casual & fresh with a hint of musky Fragrance)
(It has a very musky scent which won't be everyones cup of tea but its a great perfume for the older generation)
(I really like this perfume as its very youthful, mild and not 'too in your face'. Sweetened with Lilly, its a lovely day time scent.) 
(It has a light & pleasant scent, with a smooth wooden undertone. This is a perfume i would wear for special occasions as its a scent almost everyone would love!
1.8ml bottle= £2.75
10ml bottle = £10.00
50ml bottle = £40.00
100ml bottle = £65.00

This Perfume box set retails at £22.95 which is a great price considering your get 12 min Perfumes!!! It would make the perfect gift for a Beauty lover! 
All of the scents are quite strong & luxurious...but the few i really like are the fruity/lighter scents! I know i will be wearing Cushie B a lot in the summer! 

Purchase the Perfume box here-

The products i have mentioned & MORE can be found of Dolma Perfumes website-
I really love Dolma Perfumes as a company/their beliefs and will continue to use & love their products!
Thankyou to the kind people over at Dolma perfumes for kindly sending me these delightful perfumes to try out! 

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Holly Jade


  1. Hi Holly,

    It’s been over a year now I’ve been using only ‘leaping bunny’ products, they were mostly forever 21 cosmetics. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in any luck to find a perfume which I’d really like. Before my cruelty-free-products-awareness I was in love with chloe eau de perfume or dior addict 2. Would you please try to recommend which dolma perfume reminds you any of those two perfumes? I’d really appreciate it. Thank you so much. (I was considering to buy the whole box, but I seriously think it would be wasted on me… I use perfumes rarely - my last perfume ran out after 2 years :))

  2. These original scent masterpieces will cost more. Think about purchasing real Monet vs. a Monet poster. Perfumers are true artists!

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