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Friday, 13 May 2016

Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel cosmetics are a Vegan, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free and Organic Skincare & cosmetics company based in the USA. 
Their products have been certified Cruelty-free by the Coalition for customer information on cosmetics (CCIC) leaping bunny programme!
All products are natural & are free from Parabens & Phalates.
You can read up more about why Parabens are bad for health here-

As stated on their website-
"Gabriel cosmetics inc. started with a vision of natural beauty and has evolved with a philosophy that is translated through their NPA certified skincare as well as vegan & gluten-free cosmetics, both collections created to bring out a woman's natural existing beauty"

They have products for:
Tools & Accessories
Gift sets

Shop the full collection here-
Their line of products is honestly very impressive & i am over the moon to have got my hands on 3 stunning Lipsticks!
There is something about having a lip colour on my lip that makes my makeup feel complete! I can never leave the house without popping some on!
My shades-
-Gabriel Eve
-Zuzu Luxe Passion Flower
-Tropic of Chaos
One is from their original Gabriel line and 2 of them are from the Zuzu Luxe collection.
I always tend to go for more natural, beige shades and i have been loving using the Gabriel lipstick in the shade 'Eve'
Its a lovely satin rosy colour with a hydrating formula which glides well on the Lip.
-It feels lightweight
-Long lasting colour
-Has a matte feel, without feeling dry
-Really nice everyday Lipstick shade
-A very feminine colour without being too intense
-Doesn't smudge whilst eating or drinking (which is a bonus)
-The packaging is a little plain, but it does make it look chic

This Lipstick retails at- $17.60 (£12.25)
Red Lipsticks can always make a look POP & bring in a nice colour to your daily makeup routine.
The Zuzu Luxe collection have a wide range of shades ranging from sweet to daring!
I picked up the Zuzu Luxe Passion Flower Lipstick which is a bright Red shade with a gorgeous richness. Its packed full of moisture and slightly tints your lips (so even if it smudges...the colour won't budge)
-Handy bag size packaging
-Its very pigmented
-Packaging is very study & good quality
-Its not the classic 'postbox red', its got slight orange undertones.
-make sure to dab it on a Tissue or cotton pad, to prevent it from going on your teeth

This Lipstick retails at- $19.10 (£13.29)
Nude colours are in fashion, and i love how they give a natural look to your everyday makeup!
The Zuzu Luxe Tropic of Chaos Lipstick is a beautiful Mauve colour which has a nice sheen.
This colour would be perfect for natural, summer glamour. 
-It has a moist sheen
-Has a nice purple undertone
-The Packaging feels great quality
-Its a great size to keep in your handbag
-Its not very pigmented
-Packaging is quite plain, but chic!

This Lipstick retails at- $19.10 (£13.29)

All these products are great quality & would be lovely wrapped up as a special gift for a makeup/ beauty lover!
A big thank you to Gabriel cosmetics for kindly sending me these lovely Lipsticks from all the way from across the pond! 

The products i have mentioned & MORE can be found of Gabriel Cosmetics website-
Discover Gabriel Cosmetics on Social Media-

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