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Thursday, 26 May 2016

NYL Skincare

NYL Skincare are a beauty company based in the USA.
They have created Skincare products suitable for Vegans, which contain Natural Ingredients which prevent harm to the Planet!
They are also Cruelty-free!!! 

As it states on their website-
"Nyl products are made with all natural ingredients, no man-made chemicals, and only natural preservatives. We use the EWG's Skin deep cosmetics database to check all of our ingredients and only use those that rank in the 'low hazard' range."

NYL are proud to say their ingredients do not have a negative effect on the Environment and they use Eco-friendly glass packaging, keeping plastic to a minimum!

All of their products feel & look very chic! I really like the minimalist packaging, and being Eco-friently is a bonus! 

I got my hands on a few of their products:

-Rose water face wash
-Shimmer Scrub
-Velvet Transformation serum
-Whipped Hand & body lotion

Shop their full collection here-

Shimmer Scrub 
(Smells like the Sun, shimmers like the moonlight)The Shimmer Scrub is a citrus scented body polish, with leaves skin with a 'sparkle'
It contains a blend of Organic Sugar, Moisturizers, Exfolients and Oils. It also helps to improve circulation!
This product is the perfect holiday, beauty product! It looks lovely on Tanned Skin, and even better on Pale skin, giving you a lovely sun kissed shimmer! 
It really gave my Skin a lot of Moisture & radiance as it reflects the light!


-Gave my skin radiance 
-Disolves easily without scrubbing the skin
-It leaves a lovely long lasting shimmer 
-Left my skin smooth & moisturised
-Has a delicious Lemon scent which lingers 
-As it leaves your skin smooth, there is no need to apply lotion afterwards (saving you products)
-Comes with a handy, natural wooden spoon


-Is quite expensive, but worth it as its a very luxurious & great product

Shimmer Scrub retails at $38.00 (£25.92) --->


Whipped hand & body lotion
The Whipped body lotion is an all over body Lotion/moisturiser.

I have been on the look out for a good, fresh Lotion, as i like to apply it onto my Skin after showering.
We will be going into summer soon and my skin tends to dry out. I like to pack on as much creamy lotion as possible! As i have sensitive skin, this is a great product which doesn't irritate!
This product is also chemical free and Organic.  


-It has a light citrus scent (Lemon)
-It's a very thick & creamy lotion; a little goes along way
-Its non greasy 
-It soaks into Skin quickly
-The delicious scent lingers
-It's a great after-shaving cream, as it is cooling & leaves skin silky smooth!
-Bottle is easy to use, especially with a handy pump


-The packaging is plain but fits in with the chic & minimalist style

Whipped body lotion retails at $35.00  (£23.87) --->


Rose water face wash
This Rose water face wash is great for Dry to Normal skin. It's also a great product for Sensitive skin.

It's a great product and a lovely treat for your Skin!


-Feels very soothing 
-I like how you can see how much product there is
-I love the chic glass bottle
-It comes with a handy pump for easy application


-Personally, I'm not overly keen on the rose scent but it is very subtle

Rose water face retails at $29.00 (£19.77) --->


Velvet Transformative Serum
This luxurious little product is a Transformative serum. It contains high anti-aging & anti-inflammatory ingredients which makes skin glow!

Its great for nourishing the skin, whether you have Dry, normal or sensitive skin, it's good for all!


-Made my skin feel very hydrated
-Soaks into the skin within minutes
-Feels lightweight on the skin
-Has a pleasant light natural scent 
-Handy travel size bottle and is sturdy & good quality
-It's a nice texture and doesn't clog pores
-It's non greasy
-It's high in Vitamin C which is great for anti-aging and perfect for mature skin
-Nourishes and restores all skin types and is suitable for sensitive skin!


-The price: it might put some people off if it's not in their budget

Velvet Transformation Serum retails at $72.00 (£49.09) --->

All these products are great quality & would be lovely wrapped up as a special gift for a makeup/ beauty lover or even as a treat for yourself for a pampering session!
A big thank you to NYL Skincare for kindly sending me these lovely Skincare products from all the way from across the pond!

The products i have mentioned & MORE can be found of NYL Skincare's website-

Discover NYL Skincare on Social Media-

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Holly Jade

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