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Sunday, 12 June 2016


Pudology is a Dessert company who make Dairy and Gluten-free Desserts! 
They have created indulgent puddings without using Animal Ingredients, as they believe no-one should miss out on decadent desserts! 

All Pudology puddings are Dairy, Nut, Sesame, Lactose, oat, Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Peanut-FREE!!!
They are all Kosher suitable too. 

They have a range of delicious puddings:
-Chocolate Orange  

They also make Dairy-free Yogurts-
-Natural Coconut Yog
-Mango & Passionfruit Coconut Yog

Being Vegan, is a struggle to find really tasty Desserts in Supermarkets.
 You get 2 tubs of pure luxury per pack. 
These Puddings are very special, rich and full of flavour. I really like the packaging of the Pudology range, as they are very visually attractive/appealing and quite fun!

I was kindly sent their 4 Pudology Puddings & a Coconut Yogurt to try.

These Puddings are a lovely indulgence for special occasions, but as with all puddings & sweet treats, should be eaten in moderation!

This Chocolate Pud won the Great Taste award, 2013! 
It is a smooth Dark Chocolate & Coconut Milk Ganache with Madagascan Vanilla. I took an instant liking to this Pud. It has the same texture as the Chocolate Orange Pud, just without the Orange Oil.
This Dessert tastes more like Milk Chocolate than Dark....either way its ridiculously yummy! 

I actually used one pot as frosting on my Bourbon Cupcakes which i made for my sisters birthday, you can check my Bourbon recipe here-
The Ganache added a cool and silky taste & texture to my Cupcakes...and extra Chocolatey goodness!!!!
I haven't tried this yet, but i can imagine dipping Fruit (Strawberries & Bananas) into this Pud would be heaven!

Chocolate Orange

Imagine melting a whole Terry's Chocolate Orange, and pouring it into a tub.....that is exactly how this Pudding tastes (except its Dairy-free of course) 

 This dessert is a Dark Chocolate Coconut Milk Ganache with Brazilian Orange Oil.
This Chocolate Orange Pud won the Free From Food Award 2014 for After Dinner Foods! Well done 
This Pud is smooth and decadent. It is 100% pure Orange & Chocolate flavoured silk! 

You can enjoy this Pud after meals, as a cheeky treat, share with friends or family, special occasions (after Christmas dinner or Valentines day..share with your loved one)

Millionaires Pud

I am a huge Millionaires Shortbread fan! This Pud has a layer of Gluten-free Shortbread base, with a Dairy-free Caramel centre topped off with a Dairy-free Coconut & Chocolate Ganache!

I thoroughly enjoyed this pudding. The Ganache is SO smooth and moorish, the Caramel is sweet and the Biscuit is crumbly and light. I enjoyed mine as a special treat on my Sisters birthday!
I would highly recommend! 

BanoffeeThis Pud is thick, velvety and mouthwatering.
 It has a thin layer of Coconut & Chocolate Ganache with a thick Caramel & Banana middle, resting on a Shortbread base, truly scrumptious. 

The Banana flavour is strong with a lovely silky texture!
Yet another one i highly recommend!

Millionaires, Chocolate and Banoffee Pud retail at £2.99
Chocolate Orange Pud retails at £3.45

They are also available at-

Holland & Barret-

Thankyou so much to the kind people over at Pudology for sending me these delicious Puds  to review! 

All these products & MORE can be found on Pudologys tempting Website-

Discover Pudology on Social Media-
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Holly Jade


  1. I have tried the Orange flavoured one and it was incredible - I made it last for a couple of days. This post has reminded me that I need to go get some more :)

    1. I'm glad its made you want to go & get some! I love the Orange but the Millionairs have me!!! The caramel layer is just divine! They are lovely for special occasions too! :) xx


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