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Ogx o2 collection

New for 2016- the o2 collection
OGX are a Haircare company who have a range of delightful products.
Even though OGX aren not a fully vegan company, they sell Vegan products which contain NO Animal Ingredients and are NOT tested on Animals! yay!!!

They have products specific to your Hair type wether it be Dry, Oily, Thin, Thick...OGX have you covered.
Plus their packaging is 100% Eco-friendly

Read more about OGX on my previous blog post talking about the vitamin b5 collection:


The o2 collection
-o2 shampoo
-o2 conditioner
-o2 weightless oil mist
Raise your hand if you've ever experienced lifeless, heavy hair. OK, you can put your hands down now!
I am a huge fan of OGX products for the quality, natural extracts and how their products always leave my hair healthy & luscious!
I have long, dry and fine blonde hair which is prone to get weighed down due to heavy products like oils, leave in conditioners....
The o2 collection has been made for a weightless for a lightweight & airy feel! 

" Our unique formula blend includes oxygen liposomes and cloudberries, a power-packed form of vitamins A, C, E and B, calcium, magnesium and other potent antioxidants, to help your hair swish and shine with every strut."

I have given these products a go and they exceeded my expectations.
I am 100% honest in my reviews, and i can honestly say i really enjoyed these products!

-It feels lovely to lather & lathers quickly
-Get rids of any product build-up/dirt
-Washed out easily
-Made my scalp feel clean and moisturized

-Made my hair feel soft & silky without being weighted down
-Left no product in my hair
-Although my hair is long, it left it alittle volumized at the roots!
-I like to braid my hair whilst it dries, and the conditioner made the waves in my hair look shiny & bouncy!

Oil mist
I love ogx mists & oils, and the o2 oil is very unique!
-I love the 2 tone oil effect
-It has a delightful fresh scent which lingers
-Fast drying
-Smooths down any flyaways or unwanted frizz


I am sooo excited to announce the ogx o2 collection will be launching october 16th 2016!

All of these products work best combined with each other. 
A must-have for your Hair care routine.   

o2 Shampoo 
385ml= £6.99

o2 Conditioner
385ml= £6.99

o2 Oil Mist
118ml= £7.35

You can find all of the products i have mentioned on OGX's website-

Ogx products are available at these following retailers-

Thankyou so much to jessica over at OGX for very generously sending me these delightful products to try! 
Such a Great company and i will continue to love their products!

Discover ogx-

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Holly Jade


  1. Hello Holly - I saw OGX biotin and collagen shampoo and conditioner for sale today. It contains hydrolyzed collagen which believe is another name for gelatine. So sadly this company seems to be no longer vegan or vegetarian.

  2. They have never been vegan, only sell select vegan products.

  3. Thank you for this article! But I've read that OGX was removed from PETA cruelty-free list. Where is the truth?


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