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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Ombar chocolate - perfect stocking fillers!

Ombar chocolate is a vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate company.
They have created some divine chocolate bars & buttons which are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth, like me!
Ombar have created their chocolates using natural & organic ingredients to make sure they are packed full of nutrition which can be enjoyed guilt-free. Chocolate thats guilt-free...i'm in!
As it states on their website:
"Raw chocolate is perfect for those who are trying to ‘eat clean’, those who are lactose intolerant and those who are discerning about their chocolate. The ingredients used to make our raw chocolate are organic and intentionally so. We use coconut sugar rather than refined sugar, and the bars are vegan. We wanted even our flavourings to possess a nutritional aspect, that’s why we use whole fruits, which are dried and powdered."

Raw chocolate has a range of health benefits, including:
-They help reduce blood pressure
-Contain Antioxidants
-They have been said to decrease the risk of a heart desease
-High in Iron
-High in Manganease
-High in Magnesium (which helps to protect cells)

"Though you’re eating a healthy alternative, you’re still indulging in a luxurious and delicious bar of your favourite food. Raw chocolate is good for the mind, the body and the taste buds." I agree with that :P
The Ombar collection
-72% raw cacao
90% raw cacao
-Coco mylk
-Coco dark
-Blueberry & acai
-Cranberry & mandarin
-Goji berry
-Lemon & green tea
-Strawberry mylk
-72% cacao buttons
-Coco mylk buttons
-Coconut & vanilla centres
-Raspberry & coconut centres

My favourites are the Mylk buttons & bar as they are ultra creamy with a mild coconut flavour, utterly divine! 
These little bars melt in your mouth, and are indulgent, silky and smooth!

They would make perfect stocking fillers for Christmas, or even get yourself one as a guilt-free sweet treat! 

I will be including the 90% raw cacao bar and 75% cacao buttons in a baking recipe coming very soon! I cant wait to use these in some recipes! 

You can buy all of these Bars i have talked about and MORE on Ombar's

Thank-you Ombar for supporting my Blog, and sending my these yummy Treats! They will most definitely be enjoyed! :)

Discover Ombar-

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Holly Jade

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